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Hi members,read the comment below and if were you, could have you approved it. Hey man, great information here, but it is a bit unorganized. There isn't much structure, and nothing stands out from anything else readability wise.Maybe go back and use some headlines, and break up the information a bit more..Also, the pop up to join WA happens a little too soon in my opinion. When I first click on a link, I want to be able to read what I clicked for, rather than immediately being pushed something.
July 31, 2015
I have been feeling unwell hence not active here as normal.I will resume when I have recovered. I wish you all the best with your websites/business
July 27, 2015
How to: Marketing BasicsQuality marketing delivers resultsWhether marketing online, offline or via email, only quality marketing guided by strong ethics works in delivering real results in sales and conversions.Marketing BasicsHere are a few guidelines to achieve real results with your marketing.1.Have an audienceTarget your audince 2.Market directly to your audienceSimply tell your audience about the products you are selling.3.Don't trick your audienceTricking your audience to take actions you
July 23, 2015
As Obama ( USA president) is visiting Kenya I tell you Kenyans are happy. Wherever in Kenya no minutes passes away without the name Obama mentioned.Anyway I wish all Kenyans good luckyBarack Obama welcome to Kenya.ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE
Tthe two photos can tell us of intelligence i.e not a matter of working hard
July 16, 2015
Just Doing good here is not the better for us today but the better for the future. The future I mean our children. By paying it forward never mind, you are doing the better for the future. I remember if it was not you, it could have not been better for me today. When I say 'You' I mean every member of wealthy affiliate.Pay it forward and see your future coming in good directions
July 14, 2015
"If ur not making someone else's life better,then ur wasting your time.Your life will become better by making other lives better." Just better Divican
Today Morning I read this post from Kyle not being aware that it is outdated I was more than happy for nothing. I have lost my happiness and after logging into my wealthy affiliate account and see the way other members have left their comments I am so much disappointed to my blog be what do you say for this outdated posts
Ambassadors come to Vegas, I read this blog today since I was a member here. I was really happy that there is an option to Vegas if you will not meet 300 premium referrals.Try hard and be an ambassadors and meet others in Vegas this year. I will also try as much as I can to be an ambassador so that I meet you in Vegas.May be you have read today to know that an ambassador is important here and you are probably going to Vegas hit like and I will be happy for you too.
July 05, 2015
I was left with no words when Marion blogged to us that she is leaving wealthy affiliate.Actually nothing to say, just worried and asking who is next to go? You make good friends and one morning waking up you just find a blog, '' LEAVING WEALTHY AFFILIATE'' only tears nothing.Good friends why?