Spam. spim, spit

Last Update: Mar 17, 2017


Do you know what these are?

We're very familiar with SPAM -- unsolicited advertising that usually comes in email and comments on our websites.

Then there's SPIM -- SPAM over Instant Messaging. There are embedded hyperlinks within these instant messages.

And last we have SPIT -- SPAM over Internet Telephony. This one isn't that popular, because most of us don't use the internet to place calls. Since they have an acronym for it, it may become an issue in the future. . . or not.

The thing to note is that SPAM is annoying, but not as intrusive as SPIM and SPIT. The latter two are communications based on real-time sending, receiving and acknowledging.

At least with SPAM we don't have to open anything, just delete it. Many of us have learned the hard way by opening a SPAM email and getting a nasty virus in our computer. So I'm not saying SPAM is harmless.

I'm really not that well versed in SPIM and SPIT, but I thought they were worth mentioning, just to add more acronyms to your vocabulary.


Recent Comments


thanks for sharing! :) take care

You're very welcome. I wish you much success with your online pursuits :)

Never heard of SPIM or SPIT...

Crazy isn't it? Doubt its going to reach common usage.

Absolutely Love this!

Thanks for stopping by, Julie. I love acronyms :)

Makes me want to hock up a loogie.

lol . . . disgusting acronyms, huh?

Yea they say u learn something new everyday. And i sure have thanks 4 the info.

You're very welcome, Angel. It was new to me, too :)

Well, Sharon, I learned something just now; I have always known about spam, but spim and spit, I have always thought they referred to other, less nice, activities.....


It's always nice to learn something new -- makes for conversation :) Thanks for leaving me a comment, Mickeyb.

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