The Story of the Stats - Part 1

Last Update: December 24, 2019


This is a first in a series of trainings called “The Story of the Stats.”

Over the next ten lessons, I’ll be using the graph above to illustrate the principles I use to build MICRO NICHE SITES using the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

And here is your first lesson.


Step 1 – Choose one system

There are many good training platforms that teach you how to build a website and an online business. I’ve tried several of them as a paying member including the Four Percent Group, Elite Marketing Pro and the Partner with Anthony program.

And after testing out many systems for the most effective way to build a sustainable business, I’ve gone all in with Wealthy Affiliate.

I love it’s honest, step-by-step approach to building an online business. I love that building a website is at the core of their business model. I love the incredible training on EVERYTHING digital marketing, the community and the great support.

I have bet my entire business model on many of the principles taught within WA.

The stats tell a story, which is also the fruit of those principles.

Step 2 – Make a one year commitment

Once you choose the system that is right for you, then you GOTTA GO ALL IN with that system.

This means you become the expert in that system. More importantly, by doing this work, you can become someone else's trusted guide. This is where you add value for your visitors instead of just being a copy zombie waiting for others to lead you from one tactic to another.

For me, going all in meant taking advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate annual subscription right after I joined.

Something very interesting happens ON THE INSIDE OF YOU when you invest in the process for a year. When I made that internal switch and bought into annual at the Black Friday Sale (2018), that's when I went into consistent production mode.

Take a look at the graph again.

Soon after the Black Friday Sale, I started to see an increase in my numbers. And they’ve been growing ever since as I’ve gone deeper into the trainings and have added more content.

And that is Part 1 of the Story of the Stats. You gotta go all in with one system.

Next week, I’ll dive into niches and micro niches. Choose the right one, and producing content will be like a walk in the park. Choose the wrong one and it’s like pulling teeth.

Here's to your success!


P.S. If you enjoyed this post, I invite you to read the much longer version here.

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