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April 15, 2016
Someone once said that "sometimes it is not necessary to do our best, but we must do what is expected of us." Working in Wealthy Affiliate, we are expect to build a viable profitable business. Starting out creating your own business can be a daunting task full of hurtles that look like mountains. If we just we just try to create our business we not making the commitment that the above statement alludes to. We must do what is expected of us to succeed.We have the tools, the training, the com
I have been working to create my website for some time. Thanks to a more experienced member I learned recently that my niche had issues. I have had to go back to look at earlier lessons to learn where I have gone astray, and do some more research. Through this process, I have developed a much more complete understanding of the process, and done a better job of narrowing down my niche. Today I feel much more confident of where I am going, and that I will achieve the success I am looking f