Your Keyword Tool KW's - Save Them!

Last Update: February 28, 2018

Kyle wrote about this recently. Yet, I left it a few days. Just now I went to selected all, and Export. I have a lot of lists, not well organized, but this was quick.

I made a new folder, extracted the import and saved all the lists to the new folder, named so that I would not forget where those words were from.

I have often gone back to old lists and re-checked the KW's. Some are quite useful, or variations are.

Don't forget! Time passes quickly when you're busy!

And, recent followers I'm so sorry I have not gotten to greetings for all of you. I do appreciate the Follows and do follow you back!

I'm behind on the SWAG schedule, but I'm on it! Am editing blog posts per Bo's Gogetter trainings too.

Best wishes to all!

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks Dianne
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Yes a good tip to save KWs and revisit them. ~Mark
JamesJB Premium
Best wishes back to you :)