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Last Update: February 25, 2018

I thought I would try and write something useful as my one a week - er I know it's supposed to be twice a week per SWAG, writing a blog here at WA - but oh my gosh the week is ending right now!

Yesterday I sat a lot. But I got a couple of hours in editing blog posts in the morning. Then had a variety of activity before I got to resume at the keyboard.

Later, I consulted my pedometer and realized that I had a couple of thousand steps to go because Sitting Is The New Stroke, right?

Anyone else tired of hearing that?

Because everyone is different and millions if not billions will never have a stroke.

However, moving is important for lots of reasons. That's why years ago I wrote about sitting on a fitness ball at your desk. It helps to know how to burn calories while sitting.

I have one at work and one at home.

(No, that's not me in the pic above and I don't recommend back bends unless you're really in shape!)

And I learned some exercises to do while sitting at a desk.

I recall that in an early training Kyle says if you can't write, get out and take a walk.

That's not always convenient, but putting on some up beat music, whether it's Deadmau5 or Mozart, and just bouncing for five minutes really helps. About 500 steps on the pedometer.

Or just stand up and walk on the spot for 5 minutes. Use a timer!

Also, it's been noted that mere fidgeting burns calories while sitting! Fidgeting is much easier on the fitness ball. You are actually always making tiny movements on it, just to stay in place.

Another benefit is that there is no pressure on the spine. I was getting some sciatic pain from sitting a while ago but it's gone now that I've moved to the ball.

While this post is a little tongue-in-cheek, it's also deadly serious. Because oh my gosh how many hours a week do we sit?

Especially at my age range - no reveal!

Here's another way to stay in shape. Use the time you watch Netflix or Prime video or cable, to walk on the spot (alternating with 60-90 second running intervals 3-5 times).

We bloggers have determined goals and we all want to retire our 9-5, send kids to college, travel more or just spend more time with loved ones, right?

But, we can't sit for an extra 20 hours a week without some negative effects.

Just my thoughts for this week.

What are your thoughts about how to sit at a desk or stay fit, as a writer?

Or, your thoughts at the end of this week? How's it going?

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MKearns Premium
I have been forcing myself to get up from sitting every 15 minutes Diane and it works wonders for me!
ContentBySue Premium
I like the idea of sitting on a yoga ball for balance and burning a few extra calories, but I have very limited space living in a motor home. I've been trying harder to just get up and move more. Sometimes easier said than done.

All the best,
DianneBee Premium
That's an extra challenge! I have a very small place, just big enough to fit a ball in! Cheers, Sue.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Dianne
codevonish Premium
Exercise is the No 1 medicine and it can be free. Thanks for sharing.I am very mindful, I sit or recline a lot..
verazhelvis Premium
So-so very true and timely post, thank you...
We all know what is right, and rarely do it. Just stand up and do some hula-hooping or sit-ups, or whatever... Just come up to the window and look at some object at a distance. Drink water throughout the day.
Is this all this difficult? Or as you rightly say, , we can do some things even sitting.:)
Calmkoala Premium
Vera, thanks for the window hint, after watching a close screen it is really important to use your long distance vision regularly too! Sue :)
verazhelvis Premium
Yep, pretty simple. But do we do this? :))
DianneBee Premium
This is important! I wrote an article once about studies that showed that the brain works better and workers are more productive if they can see greenery and sky.
Those docs thought that the brain measured as much productivity when rooms without windows had posters of nature on the walls.
However, I once had a doctor tell me that the health of the endocrine system depended on 'how far away you can see'.
I'm glad I have a window!
verazhelvis Premium
Yep! And it's important to do it not just once a day...:)))