Website Content Ideas from Wikipedia

Last Update: October 06, 2019

So, have you hit that dreaded writer's block? Think you have exhausted every topic on your niche or just looking for new inspiration? Of course, many of us use Wikipedia for research, but there is a handy trick for finding new content ideas.

Let's take an example. I am quite taken by the idea of having a niche archery website, but what could I write about? Simply search for archery in Wikipedia, and you will get the result below. By looking at the list of content subheadings I now have ideas for my first 16 posts!

Taking this a step further, scroll to the bottom of the page for the "see also" section. I now have a further 18 ideas!

Go ahead, have fun finding website content ideas from Wikipedia!

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Thanks that is really interesting.
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Thanks for sharing.
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A great tip, thanks!
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Great idea! Thank you! :)
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You have given me a great idea, Mam! This may help me to a great extent. Thanks for sharing this.
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