The Highest Paid Bloggers

Last Update: September 11, 2019

Of course, we are all familiar with our very own success stories at WA. And if you're not, take a look at this link.

However, I was curious to see who the highest paid bloggers are elsewhere, and how they are actually making money. Lets have a look at some of them, including their blogs. (There are no affiliate links).

Yaro Starak – $40,000+/month

His main source of income comes from selling his own digital products while other income includes affiliate marketing and some advertising.

Abby Lawson – $41,000+/month

65% of their income is from affiliate marketing and promoting products like ConvertKit (email marketing). 35% is from their own products and services (some digital training and printables).

Darren Rowse – $40,000+/month

Advertising is the main source of income, but he also sells a course on how to build a better blog in 31 days and runs a small conference called Success Incubator.

Trevor and Jennifer Debth – $46,000+/month

55% of their income is from advertising, sponsored posts, and freelancing. 40% is from their own video workouts (programs). The remaining 5% is from affiliate programs.

Ryan Robinson – $50,000+/month

The majority of it comes from affiliate earnings—around 90% of his total income. The other 10% comes from his online course sales.

Don't you wish you had got there first with these ideas?

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Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks Diane who said that you can't make money from blogging. Not me.
ManojV1 Premium
Great list! Enjoyed reading it.

I think you missed the biggest of them all, Pat Flynn, who earns 6 figures every month.

His last published income report, that of December 2017, stated his earnings - $167,553!

Net profit after expenses though was $127,906, not bad either. :-)

Here's what he says about his success:

"I didn’t get to where I am overnight. It’s been a long road filled with lots of hustle and my fair share of mistakes. "
DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you, just Googled him. $2,171,652.55 in the last 12 months!
ManojV1 Premium
You're welcome! Whenever you get the time you may like to edit the post to make this addition. After all Pat Flynn deserves a mention if nothing else but for all to see what is possible. Thanks. :-)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
WOW! At this point, I'd be happy with $100. Onward and upward! WA has given me the tools to succeed; I just need to hold on for the ride. Thanks for posting this! They're great visuals to see possibilities!! :)
GGordo Premium
Great list!
Right now, I'd be happy if my online biz made 10% of that.
Nancy29 Premium
Thanks for pulling this together. Very motivating!