Live Chat Dos and Don'ts

Last Update: October 24, 2021

So, as you may know, I spend quite a bit of time in Live Chat and answer as many questions as I can.

There may be some of you who have perhaps not ventured there as yet, or have done so in the past but have not enjoyed the experience for one reason or another.

I thought I would put together some useful advice as to how it works.

We are all Members in Live Chat

The first thing to know is, that all the people in Live Chat are just members like yourself.

(Other than a daily visit from Kyle!)

So, we volunteer our time when we can, but we don't work for WA and unfortunately, we are not paid!

Therefore, If you have a problem and are not happy with some aspect of the platform, don't be abusive or swear at us.

If you give details of your issue in a polite manner, we can guide you to the best way of resolving it.

Wait for the Answer

The next thing to consider is that if you ask a question, please hang around to see the answer.

And acknowledge that you have received a reply that answers your question.

Earlier today, I answered 3 questions and welcomed a new member, and nobody responded.

I have no idea whether they have seen my reply, or if it answered their question.

Please don't come back several hours later and then respond, because I will probably be gone.

This goes back to the fact that we pop in when we can.

Just because we answered your question 6 hours ago, doesn't mean we are still around to continue the conversation!

Hit the Reply Button

When responding to someone, please hit the "reply" button under their name, so we can see who you are talking to.

Otherwise, we might all answer at once, making the conversation unclear and muddled.

Jump In Whenever You Want

Don't be afraid to jump in with a web or business-related problem, if you see that the chat is more of a personal nature.

Yes, Live Chat can be a social area, but at the end of the day, we want to help!

Don't Spam!

You cannot add affiliate links or advertise your services or otherwise promote to other members.

Of course, this applies to elsewhere on the platform as well.

Don't add a link to your website, unless it is necessary for us to see the problem.

When Not to Use Live Chat

If you have a billing problem, we can't help.

Send a Private Message to Kyle or Carson, or go to and select the billing option.

If you just want someone to look at your site to see how you are doing, or want feedback, use the appropriate threads.

If you have a technical problem with your website, we may be able to help, but please try Site Support.

They are available 24/7 and usually respond pretty quickly.

Don't ask how much money we are making; it's a surprisingly popular question and nobody will give you their financial details!

Please Join Us!

I hope this helped ease your mind about using Live Chat.

The majority of us are friendly and helpful, and from all over the world, so there is usually somebody there, no matter your time zone.

If you find a particular person not to your liking, then just ignore them.

You can send any of us a Private Message, if you prefer your problem to be dealt with in a one-to-one manner, or if Live Chat moves too fast, and you can't follow the conversation.

Let's chat!

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Recent messages
HenryHarkcom Premium
Hi Diane ........ thanks for this because it has been confusing to me receiving hundeds of messages with many duplicates, sometimes not knowing who the person is or why they are sending me a message, and definitely not undrtsanding why anyone would want to follow me.

You mentioned private messages - - - i'm pleased you did as I wish to send one, but do not correct procedure or the access point/icon to push.

Thanks again.


Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Diane,

Thank you for your blog post, I hope you're doing well.

The problem that I find with live chat is that members often fail to reply to me, so it then becomes pointless. I know that this works both ways. It almost seems to me and that there is a lot of waiting around to see if anyone has responded to my question or answer.

I do glance at the live chat and I see various members communicating with each other, which is great.

Maybe I just need to set aside 30 minutes and spend some time in live chat, possibly?

Enjoy your evening.

EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Well stated Diane. I rarely go to live chat as I feel I can help members who ask in other ways. Kudos to you for your dedication to help in that arena. It takes someone special to be dedicated like you are. I hope more people you help realize their good fortune to have you help them.

My hats of to you Diane.

etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Diane,

Thank you for the reminders for Live Chat. I've used live chat on occasion when I can give an answer to someone else's question. (or to say hi to other members every now and then).

It's good to be aware of those- that way we're more efficient using it. But overall, I enjoy reading the live chat and jumping in to help others now and then.

Great post, thanks again for sharing.


brichnow21 Premium Plus
Diane, thank you for these seeming, obvious tips!
Assume nothing.
Sadly, some people are rude. Impatient and self-absorbed. What's in it for me, is a common thought.
Thankfully, most folks here at WA are gems!!
"Try remembering to treat others, as you want them to treat you"! ...In case the shoe fits from this narrative folks. Continuous misbehavior will not be tolerated. There can be consequences!
Thanks, again, Diane and thank you for being available! We do appreciate your efforts!