How to Change Colors in Generate Press

Last Update: January 20, 2022

So, for those of you who use the Generate Press theme, did you know you don't have to stick to the standard blue color that it comes with?

I have created a tutorial to guide you through the process.

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FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi, Diane

Excellent tutorial.

The "global color system" was introduced in GeneratePress version 3.1.0.

Here is the link to their official documentation with a great demo video:

If you have GenratePress Pro then you get access to their Site Library, which contains over 50 pre-built sties for Blogs, Business, & e-Commerce. They are mostly made with GeneratePress and some are built with Elementor and Beaver Builder.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Many thanks, Daine!

FKelso Premium Plus
Good for you to do a tutorial on this topic!
gizmo2021 Premium
Hello, Diane

How have you been, so since I am using Generate Press I have a problem you might be able to help me with.

I am having to update my posts over 10 times before the changes show when I log out, but when I am logged in the changes are showing. Even the sticky note is not updating, so is this a theme issue I need to be concerned about?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - nice to see you back. That sounds to be a bit unusual. I have GP on several sites and never come across that.

I presume you are clearing the cache on your device to ensure it isn't holding the previous version?

You might want to ask the community to see if anyone else has the same problem.
feigner Premium
that does sound like the browsers cache...
after updating and then viewing try pressing ctrl+f5, this will hard refresh your browsers cache and show you what is really there rather than the stored version...
i hope you get it sorted
gizmo2021 Premium
Thank you,

Today my theme is working fine, but I wrote down your tip if it acts up again

Enjoy your weekend
gizmo2021 Premium
Thank you

Today the theme is working fine, so I am not sure what the problem was yesterday

I have never had any problem with this theme, and I love how smooth and fast it performs.

I wish you a nice weekend
JoeRebisz Premium
I don't use GP, but thanks for the helpful info as always!
freebird2112 Premium Plus
okay, Thanks Joe