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Last Update: December 18, 2020

Hi, this is actually a previous post from last year, but the agency I work for has asked if I know any English speaking writers, as they are hiring now.

At a quick glance, there are currently over 140 writing tasks available, ranging from just 100 words to 3000 words. You would probably have to start at the lowest rate of pay which is 1.8 euros per 100 words, but exceptional writers can progress up to 9 euros per 100 words.

Do be aware that payments are made in euros and you will have to give your tax information. Payments are made at the end of each month, and there is no minimum amount necessary to be paid.

If you mention you saw this on Wealthy Affiliate, then you could be fast-tracked, but you will still have to pass the spelling, grammar, and writing test as detailed below. Please note, I do not benefit from this, I am simply helping the agency. Please PM me if you have any further questions.

So, we now come to my favourite writing agency and the one I recommend above all others. Welcome to BoostContent.com! This agency is based in Sweden but accepts writers from all over the world. The application steps are the same as any other agency; spelling and grammar tests, followed by a 300-word article on a subject of their choosing. You will be pleased to know that the subject usually revolves around marketing, SEO strategies, blog writing, etc. All subjects which you should know something about!

Hiring Now!

I will let you into a few secrets here! Not only am I a writer and proofreader for this agency, I actually do their writer evaluations! That means I know exactly how the process works, and as of today and yesterday, I have actually evaluated 100 applications, as they are hiring right now!

What Does It Take?

Out of curiosity, you may wish to know, I suggested 25 writers be approved immediately, with a further 15 accepted, on the understanding that aspects of their work be improved. I don't have the final say, which is up to the director but my opinion is valued. As you can see, only 40 applications accepted out of 100 is not a great many, but that is often due to some simple errors. Continue reading for my tips on being accepted!

Top Tips

So, it has to be seen that a writer reads the instructions in full, and not only understands them but follows them to the letter. So, the first instruction is to write an article in English. You would be surprised as to how many don't do this. Now, the next thing to note, is that beside this instruction, there is a symbol of the American flag. Although it doesn't specify this exactly, it implies your article should be in American English, not Canadian, Australian, or British. So, if you are not familiar with their spelling, I suggest you brush up on it.

The Topic

Next is the topic. Examples include "buy content for your website", "things to keep in mind before you hire a writer", "what makes an article SEO friendly" etc. Note carefully - these suggested topics can be used as the title, but it is better to show some imagination and create your own. And remember to capitalise it! Sometimes words are deliberately spelled wrong - don't follow the example! You now have to write between 300 and 345 words on the subject. Stick to the topic - don't pick something entirely different or irrelevant. Do not copy and paste anything, as it will be checked. Use paragraphing, subheadings, and bullet points - exactly as we are taught here at WA!

My Task

As an evaluator, I am presented with 2 samples at a time, Writer A and Writer B. I have to determine which one has the best spelling, grammar, sentence construction, etc, and which one is more likely to be acceptable to a client. I have to find at least one error and highlight it. I can pick one over the other, reject both, or approve both. Of course, it is completely anonymous, I have no idea who has written them.

Have a Go!

If this has given you food for thought, then why not apply today? There is no harm in trying. Even if you get accepted, there is no obligation to do a certain amount of work, just as and when you feel like it. Good luck!

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VasilijZitek Premium
Any idea when the submitted articles will be reviewed?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - several people have received a response, as far as I am aware. You may wish to send them a message to check the current state of your application.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the article. After reading your article I thought I am not a native English speaker so I decided to leave it but at the end of the article you said: "There is no harm in trying."

I finished submitting my article to BoostContent.

Thanks for the helpful information.
mertens Premium
The poorly fed writer.

Paying €0.018 per word is below the industry standard and minimum wage in most European countries.

You have to write a meaningful, structured and researched text of 500 words every hour to earn the average €9 minimum wage (that's 4000 words per day).

Even when paid €0.09/word most would struggle to make a decent income (you still have to pay income tax and social contributions).

Probably great as a hobby or learn how to write (+ deal with clients, revisions, etc.).

Good Luck.
DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you, Martin, it was interesting to read your point of view. The tasks that typically pay 1.8 euros are 100-word introductions to a blog site and require no research. A competent writer could easily complete 7 or 8 of these in an hour, thus earning 12 to 14 euros per hour.

The average pay for most tasks is 3.5 euros per 100 words.

Just a couple of hours per week could make all the difference to somebody who has not yet achieved any passive income through their website.

At 9 euros per 100 words, that is 90 euros per 1000 words, which is well within the reach of an "exceptional" writer who typically commands this rate of pay. Even with "meaningful, structured and researched text", this takes me approximately an hour to write.

Of course, I am a full-time writer, so I will leave you to do the maths as to whether I make a decent income, even after tax.

Thank you.
Johneguasek2 Premium
Making a decent income from this should be the goal of the owners and it will serve as an encouragement to up and come writers.i like writing as it brings out the best in me.
DrSDas Premium
Thanks for sharing this information.

As I work as a manuscript editor I think I can try this. But I guess, currency exchange will hurt, this will probably deduct a lot. The same issue I am experiencing regularly when I'm receiving payment from a Netherland-based chemical R&D company.

By the way, prime necessity is to crack the exam; and definitely, there is no harm in trying.
ParthaB Premium
Hi Diane,

Good of you to share.

I've actually heard of BoostContent before, I had some translation work done a few years back.

Not only is this very kind of you, but extremely brave as well - await the the deluge of PMs, LOL.

But good for you.

Please let me know when they start accepting Olde-Worlde English, and I'll bring the Prince back out of retirement.