High Quality is Not Good Enough!

Last Update: Aug 13, 2019

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So, today we are going to discuss what determines a high quality page, as described in Google's manual for its evaluators. You may recall that I mentioned the sliding scale in a previous post, whereby pages are ranked from lowest to highest.

A high quality page is not the top of the scale, it is second. From that, we can infer, that even if you meet all the characteristics of high quality, you may not be on page 1. That glorious position would be reserved for the highest quality, a subject I will be discussing tomorrow.

Now, lets take a look at the manual, pages 19 and 20.


To sumarise, a high quality page should have a beneficial purpose and achieve that purpose well. Plus, a high level of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. A satisfying amount of high quality content. (Note, that they don't specify how many words equals "a satisfying amount").

So, now we know what they are looking for, lets examine the definition of high quality main content. This isn't very in-depth and says it must have taken "time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill".

And here are the methods they employ:

"For each page you evaluate, spend a few minutes examining the main content (MC) before drawing a conclusion about it. Read the article, watch the video, examine the pictures, use the calculator, play the online game, etc. Remember that MC also includes page features and functionality, so test the page out. For example, if the page is a product page on a store website, put at least one product in the cart to make sure the shopping cart is functioning. If the page is an online game,spend a few minutes playing it.

The purpose of the page will help you determine what high quality content means for that page. For example, High quality information pages should be factually accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive. High quality shopping content should allow users to find the products they want and to purchase the products easily. High quality humor or satire should be entertaining, while factual accuracy is not a requirement as long as the page would be understood as satire by users.

The amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page. A High quality page on a broad topic with a lot of available information will have more content than a High quality page on a narrower topic."

From this, we can see that they don't just skim the article - they read it, test it, look at the images, watch the videos etc. The take away from this, is that every aspect of your posts need to meet the high quality standards. And bear in mind, this is not the highest, that is a whole new level, and as I said earlier, I will discuss that tomorrow. I do hope you can contain your excitement until then!

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This all sounds good but can’t imagine what being even better (number one) will entail. I will check back tomorrow!

Great blog!
Looking forward to tomorrow's.

Terrific blog. I really enjoyed the precise information about quality content as I am just beginning to blog and post and want to understand this new world.
Looking forward to the next blog tomorrow.


Interesting post Di thanks for sharing

I am following this with avid interest, for real. So far it's not coming across as anything to far 'left field' unless of course, I've missed something. I am also curious as to how many of these 'evaluators' there are though, considering the amount of 'content' out there.

Ask, and you will find!

"Google contracts with over 10,000 search quality raters worldwide to evaluate its search results."

Wow, thank you. Now, I also know that my search was the right one. $15 an hour if you can find a vacancy.


Thank you for an informative blog. It’s early days for me in Wa and info such as this helps!

Thank you Diane. Perhaps some of those who complain about not being on page 1 needs to read this.


It certainly seems they are trying to improve the experience for the visitors to our pages.
How many times have you clicked on a link expecting to find some that was in line with the article or post and then been left in limbo trying to find the info and having then to click on other links... or even worse being taken to some page trying to get you to download something you have zero interest in.... So frustrating. I welcome any changes that make it browsing and selling experience better...

Very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to research and put it together for us. And, I am looking forward to tomorrow's post!

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