Google Acquires Fitbit - Good News or Bad?

Last Update: January 17, 2021

So, here's something of interest to think about if you have a health and wellness site. Did you know that Google has just acquired the Fitbit brand? Now, this could be good or bad news, I would be interested to hear your views.

Could it be, that keen to get the most from its investment, that Google will actively promote posts about Fitbit above all other similar devices? If so, perhaps it's now time to strike while the iron is hot and write some appropriate product reviews.

Or, could it work the other way, and Fitbit's own blog posts will always take precedence? It's actually a very good blog and full of inspirational ideas if you are struggling for topics to write about. You may well find something from its over 1700 blog posts!

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StephenThiam Premium
Thanks for the link given here. I am curious to know how to arrange 1700 posts on one website. I like the menu arrangement, a thing for me to explore further. Thank you for your post sharing.
Dhind1 Premium
I used to have a fitbit approximately 3 years ago. It was ok, but over time it did not stand up very well.

Regarding Google knowing more about my life and health - I disagree. Whatever they say at present this information will be sold to health providers and will come back to haunt us in higher premiums and denial of services based on lifestyle.

Probably not soon, and I have no doubt that they will withhold personal information for now, but information as a group will be passed along sooner rather than later.

Just my thoughts.

ERichardson1 Premium
Good morning, this is a very interesting concept. Although Google scares me at times, there still just maybe a way to work this into our advantage. Thank you for this information and may you have a blessed Sunday.
Newme202 Premium Plus
Hmm. I don't really trust that this information will be in our best interests
RosanaHart Premium Plus
It is a very good blog, but I'm not wild about GG acquiring it.