Don't "Learn More" or "Click Here"

Last Update: December 08, 2021

So, I am currently reading the 2021 Web Almanac, which is the HTTP Archive’s annual state of the web report.

Yes, I do genuinely enjoy this kind of stuff and condensing the findings in a simple manner to save you the risk of falling asleep from boredom!

One particular section stood out, as it is a subject I have written about before and thought worth mentioning again.

And, as this was over a year ago, we have of course acquired many new members who may not be aware of this advice.

Internal Links

What I am talking about, is adding internal links, and using the Anchor Text of "learn more" or "click here."

Apparently, 16% of websites use this generic text, and it is a missed opportunity from an SEO perspective and also bad for accessibility.

Here are two examples:

To find out more about how I can help you with the best SEO practices, click here

Find out more about how I can help with the best SEO practices

Which link will be clearer to Google? In the second example, you have told Google that you have a useful post about the best SEO practices, which may answer a search query.

I can't say it better than I did in my previous post, so please read.

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bestleads Premium
You are correct. I will take care to use this suggestion.

I guess that almost everybody misses this detail.

Since I consider that it is very important to tell people what to do, a take action phrase should be added. Like:

"'click here for' help with the best SEO practices"

Another consideration is to use the "open in another window" feature when using internal and external links.

This avoids that additional action of using the "back" button if the visitor wants to return to the original post or webpage. All you do is click the browser's tab with the original website.

Many times I have had to use that "back" button and sometimes for some reason didn't return to the original site. And just left and went to do other business.


Luis Antonio
manna4star2 Premium
Thank You for Sharing Diane. I missed the original article
you posted. Great Explanation.

hanley Premium Plus
Guilty as charged,

thanks for the reminder

Peter H
Jude81 Premium
Thanks Diane for sharing, I appreciate it.

Have a great day.

JarieLyn Premium Plus
Thanks for this post. I did not know about this before, and I think I am guilty of writing, "Click Here" or "Learn More".

I need to go into my website and change my links.