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Last Update: January 12, 2021

****Update - now taken, thank you for your interest****

So, as most of you know, I am a professional writer. I am often asked to write a short test piece for a new client which they don't intend to publish. Or occasionally, a client will ask for a post and then change their mind, as to the content. I actually save everything I write, and as you can imagine, this has led to a huge collection of files on my PC. I am having a digital declutter, and rather than wasting what I have written, I am happy to give it away.

Most pieces are less than 500 words and will not have a keyword or be SEO optimised. However, they could be a source of inspiration and the beginnings of a post. So, look out for an occasional blog post from me, offering a giveaway. However, please do not ask for the article if it is not relevant to your website. And please don't ask me to go through my files to try and find you something within your niche.

I will check that the client didn't publish the post, after all, so it won't be duplicate content. Please don't ask me to add further words or to write other posts for you.

The first giveaway is specifically for the UK market, it really wouldn't make sense for a different audience. The subject is "Women and Debt" and it is 465 words. Please PM if you are interested, rather than commenting here and I will update this post when it has found a new home! Obviously, we are all in different time zones, so if you happen to see this post, and the offer has already gone, then please don't be annoyed.

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lesabre Premium
Hi Diane, my gosh your digital de-cluttering is going to be beneficial to a lot of members.

You just may be getting a lot of PM from me.

Thank you and all the best,
Elijah1916 Premium
I am in the UK, would love to have them, please. Many Thanks.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - have sent you a PM.
Jessiefido Premium
Love the idea Diane!

Good on you, I'm always looking for any kind of inspiration for a post myself.

I will keep this post close to me and if you happen to be giving/donating any nice pieces that fit my niche, I will surely pounce at the opportunity to learn from them.

Enjoy your evening my friend and keep us updated!
drjec Premium
I hope people take you up on the offer. I have never heard of digital decluttering, but now I am wondering what valuable stuff I have deleted.
JoeRebisz Premium
Wow, good for you Diane. Nice gift for many I'm sure.