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Last Update: May 06, 2021

So, I am sure we have all heard of the "For Dummies" series of books, but did you know they have a website that will help you research hundreds of contents ideas?

Let's see what we can learn. On the home page, simply type in a topic of your choice. I am using "mindfulness" for my example.

Over 8,000 articles alone! And 57 Cheat Sheets, that offer information in an easy to understand format. Here is an example below, from the Mindful Eating Cheat Sheet.

On the left-hand side, are subheadings, which can provide inspiration for your own subheadings, or even be the start of your keyword search.

Don't be a dummy, give this a go for more content ideas!

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1Rudy1 Premium
Funny that you should mention it, I actually found the website last week!!

Another find was I was looking for directions on how to zoom...don't laugh...ok, go ahead, (I mean you zoom and how fun was that the first time out??)

Anyway, the article had easy to follow instructions so I bookmarked the site.

DianeScorpio Premium
Lol, no I have never Zoomed so I would need to look it up myself!
1Rudy1 Premium
Yeah, zoom is a grown up version of facetime/snapchat...grin.
WilliamAlco1 Premium
Hi Diane,

This is a great resource, for ideas. Thank-you!

IvanBroz Premium
Great post! Thanks for sharing, Diane 🙂
Bimby Premium
Wow! Very helpful post Diane.
I just headed to and already I can see how this website can be useful.
Thank you.
Farah20 Premium
Thanks so much, just what I needed:)