Can Premium Members Actually Earn a Full Time Income?

Last Update: Jan 26, 2023

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So, first of all, this relates specifically to new members, but I don't actually know when this new change came in.

I suspect it was when the other changes were introduced, perhaps after the Black Friday sale last year.

If anybody knows for certain, please comment below.

And what am I actually talking about?

The reduction in the capacity of monthly visitors that your hosting allows.

This seems to have gone under the radar, I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere.

And personally speaking, I was quite shocked when I found out.

Here are the new limits -

Free starters - 300 visitors per month (One site)

Premium members - 10, 000 visitors per month per site (Three sites)

Premium Plus members - 30, 000 visitors per month per site (10 sites)

Premium Plus with Dedicated Server - one million visitors per month shared across up to 50 sites

So, we can see that free starters have no chance of making any money with a limitation of 300 visitors per month.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise, as they have no access to the most important features of WA , and we are encouraged to advise them that the free option is just a test drive, not a way of making money.

But now, moving on to Premium membership, and bear in mind these are my personal opinions, others may disagree.

And I have asked Kyle for his thoughts a couple of days ago, but he is currently at the Vegas conference.

So, with a premium membership of $49 per month, you host up to three sites, with a maximum of 10,000 visitors each.

Realistically, I don't think its possible to earn a full time income from so few visitors.

Let's say for example, you were hoping just to rely on Google AdSense (not really recommended!)

With an average payout of $5 per 1000 visitors, the maximum you could earn would be around $50 per month.

So, once you reach 10,000 visitors per month, which realistically, if you know what you are doing, could take around a year, then you will have to upgrade to Premium Plus at $99 per month.

And yet, you may not be earning enough (or anything at all!) to justify doubling your subscription.

And Premium Plus, still only allows 30,000 visitors per month, which in terms of success, is a very low figure again.

Let's say you exceed that limit after two years, you then have to upgrade to your own server at $399 per month.

And I have no idea what happens when your limit is exceeded.

Will your site go offline until you upgrade?

Will visitors see some sort of error message if they try to go to your site?

What about those of you who promote WA?

Are you going to mention it within your WA review knowing potential referrals may not be interested?

Let me know your thoughts, but I have nothing further to say on the subject until Kyle responds.

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Premium Plus allows for 300,000 visitors across your network of websites. Users that we see that are earning 6-7 figures online, are getting far less than 10,000 visitors per day on a website.

This can be on one website, or it can be across all 10. With Premium, you can have up to 1,000 visitors a day, which again, will be a point in your business where an upgraded plan will make sense as you are in growth mode and earning

We have members earning 6 figures on far less than 1,000 visitors per day. Far less. We would never teach anyone to make $5 off 1,000 visitors per day, not sure where those numbers are drawn from but they don't have any relationship with running an affiliate marketing business online.

So the numbers here are skewed, and not accurate and I just want to mention that the "per website" count is the break down, as to what you could host if you had a network of high performing websites (1,000 visits per day, per website).

For perspective as well, another top tier Managed Wordpress Host, WPEngine costs 10 websites and 100,000 visitors is $112 USD per month, our Premium Plus+ is 10 websites, and 300,000 for $58.08 per month...and that is just the hosting component of the offering here within WA. Not to mention the tool set, the daily classes, the core training, the mentorship and coaching, the research, writing and AI platforms, and the community.

I hope this clarifies for you here.

Thank you for the clarification.

I quoted these figures, as the graphic that shows the maximum number of figures for Premium and Premium Plus specifically says "per site".

As opposed to the Plus Server option, which says "shared."

Perhaps this could be amended, as it may impact if somebody upgrades or not.

Yeah, we were showing the average across sites, but these are shared totals. We are going to update this to remove the "per site" as I can see that causing some level of confusion.

Hey Kyle,

You just wrote that premium members get 1,000 visitors a day, which equates to about 30,000 a month.

When I signed up it was 250,000 a month, and when I go under my profile where it says included with premium, it says 250,000 monthly visits.

I'm still allowed 250,000 visits per month, since I signed up before the changes, correct?


You joined before the changes occurred. It remains the same as long as you stay here. You have 250k visits per month.

Thanks a lot, Sujith :)

Yes, you are grandfathered into that plan. So not to worry, but even on the existing plans if you "max out" on any of them, someone is going to be in a very good state with their business. ;)

Thank you, Kyle :)

I really appreciate your responding and clarifying that for me!

Have a great weekend :)

Thank you for sharing Diane. I was not aware of these changes. I'm worried about how this will effect my business in the future. I'm not getting much visitors now but I'm worried about what would happen to my website in the future.

For example if my business grew a lot bigger and I was getting over 1000 visitors per day would my website go offline? If that's the case it would hurt my business. WA is currently my side hustle so it's not a huge deal currently as my main business is hosted outside WA and with that one I get unlimited visitors.

But I can't help think about the future though and how these changes may impact my website I have here at WA. Thank you again for sharing Diane. All the best to your success.

No, a website never goes off line. If you reached hard limits we would reach out, but we have never cut someone off their hosting because of they have reached their limits (unless there was some form of abuse or malicious activity that takes place).

So not to worry at all.

Thank you so much Kyle that`s great to hear and it eases my mind. I feel better now you have confirmed that. Thank you so much again Kyle for your reply. All the best to your success.

I was certainly not aware of the HUGE difference between the limitations of visitors per month permitted/allowed or whatever since the new update and what is was before Diane...

Happily, I am grandfathered in at the PP level from a couple of BF's back, but to suddenly reduce that from a million visits per month to just 30k... seems a bit extreme in my opinion!

Let's see what Kyle has to say when he returns...

On another note... where did you take that photo of the ape in your title picture from??

He definitely looks like one of my buddies I once knew when living in Gibraltar! (If you have never been, then it is worth visiting just to see the barbary apes there)!!!

There are hard server costs, and when you are running a top tier hosting platform, that is fully redundant (which is something that is not done within the rest of the industry), you are getting more than adequate hosting to run a scalable business as well as options to scale far beyond 6 figures once you reach that point .

That makes perfect sense Kyle, appreciate the clarification my friend and enjoy what time you have left in Vegas!!

Thanks so much Nick, and I hope all is well on your end.

You're most welcome my friend!

I've had better weeks health wise, but with some good news today I can't complain about much!

Are you all still in Vegas Kyle??

Oh wow! Thank you for bringing this to light. It certainly is an eye-opener and a dose of reality. It’s seemingly will make making money much harder — but also, I think, highlights why we must become students of what it takes to build a successful online business.

Thankfully, folks like you and Partha (and others) have published some great guides to help.

Thank you for this information.


Diane, if this post is true then this conflicts with Partha's claim about receiving visitors on his website which over exceeds his Premium plan. He would then be forced to upgrade which hasn't happened yet to both of you.

I did the math from Partha's blog about how many visitors he got, all together it is way over 10k for Premium members, if he was on 10 websites as grandfathered in, how much would his allotted number of visitors he would be allowed to max out? Was this monthly, quarterly, or annually visitors

It looks like he already has passed all of those numbers. Yet, he's not forced to upgrade, eh? Something smells rotten in the state of WA?

You mentioned the new changes in this post but I do not see where anyone has been forced to do an upgrade because they went over the number of visitors they can have as per the hosting agreement.

I agree it's confusing and the numbers do not make sense, what was grandfathered in vs the new one? How does that work?

Kyle's got a lot of on his plate to deal with other drama issues on this platform- hint (the W B), another one got bit by that WB dust and reinstated.

According to my numbers for PP for hosting is because of BF deal, the numbers you mentioned are for those after BF deal right?

1,000,000 Monthly Visits on my account it shows me as 50 sites I am not sure if thats the grandfathered in part.

If you say I am at 30K per month for 10 sites
means 300 thousand visitors that I would max out but I already have 1 million monthly visits allowed with 50 sites I am not clear what's on mine is the correct version due to BF or what?

Hi - these new limits only apply to those who joined recently, presumably after the Black Friday sale.

Anybody else is grandfathered in to 250, 000 per month if Premium, or one million if Premium Plus.

Partha was approaching the 250, 000 limit and has already discussed with Kyle the possibility of having his own server.

His other sites that are even more successful are hosted elsewhere.

And as this new limit has only been introduced a couple of months ago, I can't imagine any new members are even close to exceeding it!

Ok, now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

It is unusual that ANYONE would ever reach these limits, and if/when they do it is most likely that someone would move to a dedicated naturally as they would want ownership of their server...not to mention they will be earning 6+ figures per year from that traffic alone. :)

Ok, your other comment about Premium Plus under the current plan is for 300k visitors for on 1 or across all 10. I figured that the numbers would be different because not everyone would ever reach those limits as you said. As Diane said it's confusing so hope you can revise this to make it clear with the"per site." I do not need to worry because that doesn't apply to me because I have P Plus BF deal.

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