Can I Trust You?

Last Update: Aug 12, 2019


Today, we are looking at a phrase which some of you may be aware of:

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

This is just one of Google's equations which it uses to evaluate the quality of a page, and thus, its ranking. In particular, it has caused some consternation among those whose website is in the health field, as it specifically states that content should be written by people with medical expertise or accreditation.

Let's see what Google's own manual has to say on the subject.

Except - today, I am unable to do that...

This information has been copied on several websites, and therefore, WA sees it as duplicate, and won't let me publish it. Unfortunately, you will have to wade through it yourselves if you are interested. The good stuff is on pages 18 and 19. Of course, you may be that enthralled that you continue right through to page 166!

Note the final 2 paragraphs - "sharing personal experience" of health issues appears to be deemed acceptable, but not actual medical information or advice.

To sum up, Google is cracking down on health sites, where people are just recycling generic advice and information, and who do not have the qualifications to back this up.

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Hi. Diane. I clicked on your link but my phone wants me to download the document. I won't do the so I'll check it out on my PC later. I can understand where Google's coming from but I wonder who's next. Will they gradually use the same rules on all the different topics? Jim

Also if you have a health site and you are doing great up there close to #1 and a competing site flags you for BS they lie and say there is chemicals in your product especially if you have help you out male products for some now get kicked down because of this lie, then try and get a hold of google i dare you ,you'll
get a call center in India, or a robot! so what do you do now?

How has another site “flagged” you?

Hi Diane,
That is a very valuable document! If those are the guidelines that Google uses to train the people who rate websites, then I think we need to understand them.
I just may read it all!
Thanks for sharing,

so it take it that there is a massive rise in the uptake of fake qualifications from the internet.
but as it says you can put personal eperience, but you may not be a medical expert.
i can see what they are trying to do, reduce the number of fake sites claiming to cure everything.
but it does have a major impact on naural health products, there are a lot that are complaining at the moment - most of them operating these sites are not medically trained so have lost any authority.
it is difficult to know what to say is the best.
do we allow anybody to say anything and if they claim to be an expert then they have complete authority.
or do we screen people and have them prove their authority with a register and have a google badge of authority.
there is a lot of misinformation on the web and google has been fined a lot when promoting it, they are protecting themselves - they are a business after all.
i have heard that google was fined $500million for promoting natural health ad claims - the u.s. found that it was easier and cheaper to go after the one source common to all the little inputs and google stood in its way - they bore the brunt of the fine - and then passed the changes onto the rest of us.
so i would say there will be a few more changes before everything settles down again.
do i agree with it... well it is google's ball, and as a business reporting to shareholders........
where are the crowdfunded search engines to represent the independants.


Thank you for the information Diane.


Well, that's crazy, I see Google also look for expertise in many other niches like photography, playing guitar, etc. I really don't know what people who are just starting with affiliate marketing can expect when Google look for experts in many niches?

Can only people with a high degree or license build websites in specific niches?...

As a beginner, you might not be an expert but eventually, you should be an expert and authority in your niche(s).
Google looks at all kinds of sites as you have mentioned and contents in every niche rank higher with the blogs showing expertise and authority.
It should not be a problem for you. You just have to focus on your own niche(s) and acquire expertise by researching, reading and writing.

Diane, I ran into something similar 15 years ago with a nutritional supplement company. That is done by the AMA and the Drug Companies. And it is to prevent anyone that is not a Licensed Practitioner of Medicine from Introducing a CURE to the health field. Any Naturopath or Homeopathic treatment is considered to be Snake oil, regardless of the Proof or Efficacy of the product and they will be charged with Practicing Medicine without a License.


Hi Diane,
Thank you for this piece of information.

It is good to know that this is more relevant to posts on medical issues and products.

Just like many other things in human beings activities, I will not be surprised when they bring similar conditions to some other areas.

I think we should be getting ready.


Yes it was a great post I'd love to gain a little of your writing ability 😊

Probably a good thing. There are enough quacks and fakes in the industry. I don't think I want to be treated by one or advised by one.
Great post Diane.

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