Add a Video for Better User Experience

Last Update: December 30, 2020

So, how many of you add videos to your posts? Did you know that by having a video embedded, it can improve your bounce rate by as much as 11%? And that is a strong signal to Google that your content is attracting and engaging visitors.

And it doesn't have to be your own video. It is perfectly acceptable to use other people's videos from YouTube, providing they have the share button enabled.

However, don't just add a random video with no explanation. It needs to be relevant to the content, and you should introduce it. Something as simple as suggesting that further information on the subject can be found below.

And make sure it is embedded correctly so that it plays within your site. If you send your visitors away to YouTube to watch it, then they will fall down a rabbit hole and not come back! Here is some training on how to embed a YouTube video correctly.

Don't get over-enthusiastic and add too many, as it can slow down your site. Perhaps just one in each post.

And of course, you can go back to older posts and add a video if you missed it out.

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ColleenLVSJC Premium
Thanks for the reminder, Diane! We def need visitors to stay on our sites. Having them go to YT to watch a video defeats the purpose of us spending time and energy to draw them to our websites in the first place. I plan to use videos. Thanks for the post!

Continued success in 2021! :)
Aussiemuso Premium
This is a great idea Diane. I've been adding a video demonstration of the reviewed guitars on my website for ages and I'm sure it has helped to make my sales. This way people are not buying blind. It really helps. Thanks for the reminder.
Lily 😁🎶
Twack Premium
Thank you Diane, I am just getting started with video posts on the one site.
The theme automatically places the video on the page when you type the URL in, might sound like a rookie question, but does that means it's embedded, you don't leave the page when it's playing.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - ideally, you should be adding the HTML code, which you find by clicking on share, then embed.
Twack Premium
Thank you, I knew I was missing something, it's alongside all the sharing options like FB, Reddit etc.
davebux Premium Plus
Fantastic info. Perfect timing for me. Thanks Diane.
IamTracy Premium
Thanks for this information and encouragement Diane, appreciated :)