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Last Update: March 22, 2021

What, How, When....

My last post was called Planting Fruit. You can read it here.


After reading comments left by others (and thank you to all who read and replied!) I realized it's not just about planting the fruit, but also what fruit you plant. And how you plant it and nurture it.

Let me explain.

I grew up in southwestern NYS. Cold winters and summers that just were never long enough. But the apples, grapes, and cherries that grew there were delicous! The oranges we could buy were ok, but when we first visited Florida, we realized what fresh oranges tasted like--Yum!

When we moved to Florida, everything we knew about fruit changed. Now our oranges were delicious and the northern fruit crops less fresh. Of course, our seasons were different, too. Summers are hot, winters comfortable.

We had to adjust our expectations. To grow fruit, we needed to grow what would grow well here. I know I can grow grapes here, but they won't be like the concords that grow along Lake Erie.

Strawberries grow well here but are a short-season annual. In NYS, they were perenniels.

Adapting is necessary. What you grow matters.

In farming. In business. In life.

And the How makes a difference, too.

Growing up, my Mom always had a huge garden. She could grow anything. Dad had farm crops that excelled, too. Me? I was good with the animals, but could kill even plastic plants. I just didn't seem to have the knack that most in my family had.

The How made the difference.

Discovering hydroponics and then aquaponics made the difference for me. It turns out I can grow most plants but I'm better with the hydroponic/aquaponic way of growing. Yes, even fruit can be grown that way. Our farm grew quite successfully by utilizing these methods.

The same is true of affiliate marketing.

I am not techy enough to run a gaming website. My sons could, but not me. I would kill it before it got started.

But a site about pets, especially dogs? Or a baking site? Or a site on caring for elderly parents at home? YES! I can do those!

Those are the "WHAT" that work for me. Just as cherries don't grow well in central Florida but oranges and kiwi do, so do my passions grow for me, while many others just don't.

And that's ok. As long as I find what does grow for me, that's actually fine.

Similarly, the HOW matters for affiliate marketing, too.

Yes, following the WA step-by-step method is important for all. All plants need fertilizer and water. The basics are the same.

But HOW we manage our sites is unique to each of us.

Which social media do you use? How often do you post? What types of articles do you write? What tone is best for your audience? High end products? Low end? Both? One product line or several?

Just like most things in life, affiliate marketing is not a cookie-cutter business. Use the WA methods--they work! But choose your niche for what works for YOU. And arrange your schedule and plans for what works for YOU.

It's a bit like a recipe, I suppose. Choose your recipe (niche) and follow the directions (WA) and then provide your own special tweaks to make it special and unique to YOU!

Let's all plant and grow!

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Debbi26 Premium
Yes, the oranges and grapefruit fresh off the tree is the BEST. Apples are good in NY. We had a ton of trees and now I'm thinking of those apple pies!!!! LOL.

Pros and cons to both NY and FL. I wouldn't go back to NY though. I'm headed to FL next week to check it out. I'd like to move back.

You're right about WA not being cookie cutter though and it shouldn't be. We each have our own skill.

edhozubin Premium
Reading your excellent piece on taste differences from New York to Florida got me thinking. When we moved from the hills of NW Connecticut to Pleasanton, CA (45 miles out of San Francisco & 25 out of Silicon Valley). The fish were not the same some always in Names or Taste. But the one meal I had many times out there was Cioppino, it was wonderful. Keep up the good work.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I can imagine that the changes between east coast and west coast were quite remarkable, Ed. How long have you been a Californian? Did the adjustment take time or was it a perfect fit from the start?
edhozubin Premium
We only Stayed 5 years. Moved back to North Reading MA, then to Auburn, MA and now live in North Grafton, MA. My Wife and I got married in 1967 & drove to Anchorage AK on our honeymoon. I was stationed in the Air Force then and arrived initially in 1966 two years after the 9.2 earthquake in Anchorage.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Wow, you have quite a wealth of experience to draw from!
JEaston Premium Plus
I love your article, Diane!
I am also in the gardening Niche.

Thank you so much for all the reminders about social media...
At the moment, I use Facebook, and every other week I put ads on the lowest ads as I also on budget. Then I do booster weekly. It also helps with my Google ads.

That is so far, and continue sharing my articles on my other social media.

Great post, Diane; thank you so much.
Best wishes,
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you, Joyce! What is your niche? My plant one is houseplants, though I loosely tie into outdoor plants in another of my sites.
JEaston Premium Plus
House plant indoor and outdoor plants and gardening tips.
My Amazing Garden. When I sign up here, that's the immediate niche that comes up in my mind, I thought to change, but I'm there already. Just improve it for the moment. I am happy as I am earning a little from my ads there as well. Do you have Googe Adsense too? If you have time, please try to visit my site and tell me if I still have things to arrange or add. I'll be happy about it. Thank you so much, Diane. I'm going to visit yours too. Thanks. Joyce
Newme202 Premium
You are spot on with this blog Diane

The how and what is an important factor to success

It can also further changes as we adapt to situations and our life experiences

I was just like you in growing a plant initially. With knowledge and experience, I know can say I know what to grow and how to ensure the plant is not dead in 3 days
Thank you for awesome analogy
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Simone. And good for you for learning to keep those plants alive!
Newme202 Premium
It is lesson worth learning :)
RobbysGirl Premium
I love the way you tie everything together so seamlessly Diane. You make learning and understanding simple.

Thanks for sharing
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you! I'm glad you found it easy to understand.