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March 21, 2021
When will I have ripe tomatoes?If you have ever planted a garden, you know the work and anticipation that go along with gardening. Some plants are quick. Plant radishes and you can enjoy the harvest in less than a month.But other plants take such a long time. I've started tomatoes from seed many times. We start them in seed trays and care for the little plants as they peek above the potting mix. Keeping them watered ad adding nutrients when needed is part of the process. Sometimes they need pr
March 18, 2021
So many questions!I get a lot of questions from members and I do enjoy chatting while helping. It's a big part of what WA is. I always tell new member contacts to ask when they need.And that remains true. I'll always help wherever possible.However....It's ESSENTIAL, in my opinion, for members to follow the training. Each step is important. Each lesson provides a valuable point to note and steps to follow.Missing just one step might make the difference in how fast you find success or even if you
March 12, 2021
Make Plans - Revise When NeededMany people make plans for the weekend. Do you also plan your weekday?Having a clear goal, a map of sorts, keeps you focused. When you are unsure of your path, you wander around, almost mindlessly, chasing one direction after another. How can you expect to reach your goal without a plan?Make a clear plan.Follow it.Allow for detours when necessary.You might even follow an occasional rabbit trail. I know I do!But set a time limit for those side ventures. Use your wo
Telling stories to make your pointMost people love hearing stories. They resonate with us. The good ones stick with us long after we first heard them.In fact, some of the most memorable songs are built on stories. If you have ever heard any of the following, you probably still remember them well:Cats in the Cradle by Harry ChapinLast Kiss by Wayne CochranTake the Money and Run by the Steve Miller BandBillie Jean by Michael JacksonCopacabana by Barry ManilowAmerica by Neil DiamondAnd of course,
I've talked about Dreaming Big and Setting Your Goals high before. I truly believe it helps keep us motivated. When you reach for a higher point than anyone believes you can, and you keep working toward those goals, you will achieve greater successes than you ever imagined.One of my sons came across this article in the news today and shared it with me, knowing that I find science and tech fascinating. It was certainly an eye-opener.My first thought was that Disney must be adding a new feature t
March 04, 2021
My motivation quotes to finish out the weekI needed a little extra push today. The reasons don't really matter. So I went searching and found these quotes. Conrad Hilton's story is quite inspiring, and this quote by him is, too."Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." --Conrad HiltonAnd this one, by an unknown author, gave me a little more push, too."Believe in yourself, push your limits, and do whatever it takes to conquer your goals." --author unknownI like qu
March 02, 2021
They're getting their words mixed up in there.The English language has it's confusing points and these three words, known as homophones, often get mixed up within it.For the sake of our writing, let's simplify it, please.********************************************************They're is a contraction meaning "they are" as in They're the words people often confuse. Think of it in the following sentence. They're coming to the movies with us. It could also be written as, "They are coming to the mo
Choose Which DoorsI've spent today (Monday) opening a few new doors and considering which to close. Some will be forever, others just temporary to allow other areas a chance to grow and flourish.Sometimes the decision is easy. But other times, it's a bit more challenging. When two options are close, which do I choose? I tend to keep more on my plate than I can consume. That's just me. It's a challenge of sorts, I suppose. But there are times, like right now, when a few morsels need to be set as
Marching into MarchAs I write this, it is the end of February. In our time zone, we have but a few hours remaining. Some of you have already entered the new month.At the end of each month, I like to take a moment to consider what I accomplished in the now past month. I've already laid out plans for the new month ahead, but it's good to give them a final edit at this point.Am I expecting too much? Or maybe I need to aim a little higher?In Florida, March usually brings spring-like weather. This y
February 25, 2021
I saw this quote from Bobby Unser, a very famous racecar driver from long ago and part of a family of racers, and felt it just fit what I was thinking today. Maybe it will make an impact on you, too.“Success comes from having dreams that are bigger than your fears.”– Bobby UnserIf you are afraid of failure, it will overshadow your dreams. Use your dreams to power your work and the fears will fall aside!Build Your Dreams so they make your fears seem very tiny and those fears mi