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April 26, 2021
This way or That way?Today one of my sites propelled me in a new direction!While it's happened before, it never ceases to amaze me. One minute my mind is creating a new article or working on keywords or maybe that (dreaded to me) social media. ThenPOOF!An idea comes to mind that I had not even considered before. No rhyme or reason. It just flew in and took over my concentration. Before I could finish the research I was working on, I had a list of keywords for the new direction.Of course, that s
April 23, 2021
Do you doubt if progress is possible?I'm sure we all have that little nagging feeling sometimes. But then, look around. The changes we've seen over just our own lifetimes is beyond incredible.Ok, some, maybe even much, might not be real progress. But some of it truly is.Whether you ever want to travel to Mars, and I don't, the space program has made monumental leaps and bounds over my lifetime.This morning another shuttle launched. Ok, we've had space travel for decades. But look at the changes
April 21, 2021
Life's clouds opened up and the rains pouredI've written about rainstorms before and how they relate to our website writing. The past few days have proven to be quite the proof for me and the family.I haven't been on much for the past few days. One of my furkids--a very delightful toy poodle with a perfect personality, named Fire (she was quite orange as a pup and very active) suddenly became quite ill Thursday. Friday at our vet appointment, the news was quite dismal. Tidal wave dismal. We ma
We had a wild and stormy SundayYesterday, much of the southeast, including Florida, weathered some pretty intense storms. Although we were on the edge and didn't get the intense hail or any tornadoes, we had some pretty good winds (measured around 60 mph gusts) and a lot of rain. The lightening strikes were considerate though. None of them caused our electric to go out.This morning, it's warmer and the air feels so different. We'll get more rain this week. And we need it, so I'm not complaining
My calendar says that today is "All is Ours" Day. I had to stop and see what that was supposed to mean. It turns out, it is intended to seek positive, rather than negative, thoughts and ideas.Well, being a positive realist, that's not too challenging most of the time. But then I realized that for many, it is more difficult. So I thought this might be a good time to write about the incredible power of positive thinking and how it empowers us. In fact, you may not realize the way it influences yo
When Will Those Sales Start Coming?Yes, that is a question most people ask. I recently wrote a post about building your foundation first. You can see it here: some have also asked the question in a slightly different form.They are wondering why, if they have done the work and they have plenty of articles posted.Ah, but have they really followed the training?The reason I ask is that I am pretty sure the training covers the need f
Need Money to Keep Working on your site?Sure, it takes a little money -- though that word little means different things to each of us. If you can cut out a couple of luxuries and pay for the monthly, it is easier than for those who don't have that daily lunch out to cut for the needed money.But the truth is, WA is not a huge expense, compared to the value. It might require that you do some side gigs (writing articles for others, selling off a few things you no longer need, or even going meatles
Midweek Motivation - Keep up the momentum!For many of us, the week starts out with a burst of energy! We took a day, maybe even two, off from our diligent work and we start the week with renewed energy. That vim and vigor has set in and it propels us into our work, ready to take on the world. Or at least, to create more content for our websites.But then, midweek hits. It might take a little of the energy off. Or maybe it hits hard and you wonder when the weekend will appear.And that lull may no
Tracking with Google SheetsI use Google sheets quite a bit to track various things. One that I've been suggesting to others lately is tracking keywords.While I have several websites, with just one site, you might still find this helpWhen doing topic and keyword research, I list my ideas in one column, then search for possible keywords. I add them to the next column, as I choose them. If I find more than one that I like for a topic, I can add more columns to refer back to later.Once I've chosen
What, How, When....My last post was called Planting Fruit. You can read it here. reading comments left by others (and thank you to all who read and replied!) I realized it's not just about planting the fruit, but also what fruit you plant. And how you plant it and nurture it.Let me explain.I grew up in southwestern NYS. Cold winters and summers that just were never long enough. But the apples, grapes, and cherries that grew the