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June 03, 2021
Small Steps Are Still Progress...I didn't get a lot done today on my websites, but I did a little. And a little is something.Life is a bit hectic and tomorrow is another vet visit, so I'm taking each little conquest as a success.I thought about taking today off. And I could have. Well, I did have a couple of other projects for my husband's company to finish. But I could have done those, then just taken the day to reflect.And somedays I do that. It's refreshing and needed.But when I considered t
We Traveled All Day TodayThose of you who follow my posts might remember my little Fire girl. (Please forgive the unkept appearance. Between illness and the long appointment, we balance between keeping her groomed and comfortable---and she is very tired now)If you aren't familiar with the story, you can read a bit in these posts... today, Josh (son #4) and I took Fire
June 01, 2021
Well, at least I have a good start on it.I discovered I had a problem with the GA account (several websites but only some were affected) so i went through and fixed what needed to be done. The problems were my own doing. It happens, especially when the not-quite-techy in me wants to rush through "that stuff" to get to the things I prefer. I've discovered that while I CAN do some tech things, it is still a stretch. Many times, I call upon my sons who actually find these things easy. They never c
I've noticed many of us have been writing about keywords, thinking about keywords, and yes, searching for those best options for ranking.It is part of our lives with affiliate marketing, so that's understandable. I always have a few keywords I'm working on. That's what is necessary.But for the past few days, I've been making a list of topics and keywords. Well, more than that. It's a list that encompasses my pillar topics, then a list of topics that will point to those, and then those all-impor
It's raining here. That's good, actually. We've been under fire warnings for too long due to not enough rain.My daughter's dog would prefer the thunder left, but she will have to manage.In the meantime, some of my other tasks are on hold due to the holiday weekend. And that means....More time to write!One of my posts was actually relating to Memorial Day, in a way. My husband and daughter had visited the National Vietnam War Museum a couple of weeks ago and got some good photos for me to use.
Yes, the roofers finished AHEAD of schedule!For us, that means our normal schedule (is there such a thing as normal?) returns. For them, it's a 4 day weekend (Memorial Day is Monday) and a job well done. Happy customers, too.In an era when so many complain about the difficulty of finding good workers, people who show up for work and do their best until the job is finished, these guys really showed up!The original project was scheduled for 5 days. Not surprising as we have a large home--over 440
Do you find yourself writing amidst the noise?I normally work in the midst of family goings-on. I'm actually pretty good at it. Usually, I am.This week is a little noisier than normal. Our new roof is being installed (thankfully, ahead of hurricane season!) and so from 7am to 3pm, we hear the hammering, footsteps, materials dropping, and all those other noises associated with steel roofing.And of course, dogs and birds. Charlie, one of my Golden Boys (a delightful furkid!) spend about 3 hours b
May 24, 2021
Just one more Monday in May 2021 after today...I've been doing some reflecting today, maybe because we are almost halfway through the year. Or maybe it's from all that life has been sending my way as of late (both good and not-so-much). Maybe I'm just tired and reflecting takes less brain power than working. We had a rare opportunity to get our family all together for a dinner out last night (all except for my son in Chicago) and had a wonderful time. Covid and the resulting pandemic gave us to
May 21, 2021
I began training dogs at 9 years of age. My parents felt it was better for my health and safety after my dairy heifer dragged me around the show arena. I have been forever grateful to Nina, that heifer that I loved so much. Nina joined our dairy string with no more shows in her future.But it turns out that dog training was about the best path I could take. After many mistakes (sorry Mrs. Thompson, my first dog training leader) I built the habits that made me a pretty good dog trainer, a skill
May 20, 2021
Attitude Check? What is THAT?I've noticed throughout life that sometimes we all need to examine our attitude. None of us are immune to those moments of forgetting ourselves and showing a bit of negativity. Yes, I've even seen it on WA, albeit, only occasionally (thankfully!)When my kids were growing up, I could sharpen their attitude quickly with just the word "attitude". My oldest son, always quick to lighten a mood, developed the addition of "Check!"And then, the person showing a slight of at