Planting Fruit

Last Update: March 21, 2021

When will I have ripe tomatoes?

If you have ever planted a garden, you know the work and anticipation that go along with gardening. Some plants are quick. Plant radishes and you can enjoy the harvest in less than a month.

But other plants take such a long time. I've started tomatoes from seed many times. We start them in seed trays and care for the little plants as they peek above the potting mix. Keeping them watered ad adding nutrients when needed is part of the process. Sometimes they need protection from the cold, bugs, or fungus.

Eventually, they are ready to plant in their adult home. It seems to take forever, but we usually plan about 6-8 weeks before we transplant. Some gardeners claim it takes their plants closer to 12 weeks.

The day comes and they are transplanted. Surely we'll have tomatoes soon!


Planted tomatoes require more care and nurturing. Feed them, Water them. Keep the bugs and fungus from invading. If your area is still cold, they may need covering when the temperatures drop. It can be a lot of work.

But you wanted tomatoes! Your bread, bacon, and lettuce are waiting for those tomato slices to complete that BLT.

Yes, with proper care, your garden grows. You will have those big red slicing tomatoes.

For those with a lot more patience, plant some fruit trees. Yes, they take quite some time to get into production. But if you nurture them, they will produce, often for many years.

I'm sure by this point, you have realized the analogy I'm making.

Our websites may be quick producers, but more likely they take time and nurturing to develop and produce. They might be like the tomatoes, but some may be more like the cherry tree.

When a new WA member asks how long before they see the money, I often use that analogy. It might take weeks. It might be months. Some have pursued for over a year.

Just don't give up!

Sure, planting season can be challenging. Watching those little plants sprout and grow is fun, but it's also frustrating at times.

Keep nurturing and the fruit will be your reward!

I wish everyone a great week ahead!

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RogerMackley Premium
Good evening Diane, hope you're having a marvelous evening, we have planted several gardens over the years, quite success I might add. Several years we had 3 beautiful white tail doughs come graze our garden every morning. Asked alexa how to spell female white tail deer, she gave me this/ doughs, she needs to get out in the woods more, Another year, a huge purple caterpillar ate all our tomato plants while we spent a weekend away. What a terd!!!
DianeK59 Premium Plus
hahaha-- Alexa does have issues, we have learned from experience! Your caterpillar reminded me of one year when the local deer population soared over our 6' fences to enjoy our ripening strawberry plants. We lost an entire crop that year--quite a loss for a small farm. But the deer herd seems quite healthy and happy.
lucbizz Premium
Spot on, Diane..let those "tomatoes" grow and don't give up. Thanks for the share :-)
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, and plant the indeterminates that keep growing forever!
richardgb Premium
Excellent analogy Diane. Reaping what we sow comes from patiently carrying out a carefully followed and fulfilled plan.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
That's true, Richard. Thanks for stating it so well!
KBuck1 Premium
I loved your post, Diane. Thank you!
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kristina!