National "All is Ours" Day!

Last Update: April 08, 2021

My calendar says that today is "All is Ours" Day.

I had to stop and see what that was supposed to mean. It turns out, it is intended to seek positive, rather than negative, thoughts and ideas.

Well, being a positive realist, that's not too challenging most of the time. But then I realized that for many, it is more difficult.

So I thought this might be a good time to write about the incredible power of positive thinking and how it empowers us. In fact, you may not realize the way it influences your entire life.

“One small positive thought can change your whole day.” – Zig Ziglar

Of course, we each face negative thoughts at some point in our days and weeks. What do you do when they happen?

I find that challenging that negative thought helps to break its power. Then, I choose to replace it with a positive one.

Sounds simple?

Yes, but not always, of course.

The process is simple. I refuse to allow the negative thought to have power over me, my work, or anything in my life. That's an important step. I look at the thought and tear it apart.

For instance, sometimes when I'm writing, I get interrupted and lose my train of thought. Yes, it just jumps off the track, onto a new one, and is lost. Gone. That inspiration I had? Gone with it.

It's easy to get frustrated when that happens. After all, I was writing with such speed, fueled by inspiration. And now, twenty roadblocks later, I can't even remember what the next word was to be.

I have two choices. I can get upset, maybe even angry. And honestly, that is probably the easiest reaction.

But the alternative is to make lemonade from lemons.

Right now, I have one of my beloved furkids begging for attention. And normally, that's not a problem. But she apparently went rolling into something rather unsavory when she was outside and now has the fragrance of... well, it's not roses, that's for sure! 😀

She is a darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They have those eyes that just melt your heart. But I am not allowing her onto my lap. Not until she has her bath. Nope!

And so I am getting interrupted from writing this as she continues to prod me with her nose and tap my arm with one foot.

This is Victoria, very sad that she can't sit in my lap right now. But don't worry--I keep several seats next to me so each of the furkids can be near me at anytime!

Now honestly, this interruption is not going to make me angry. She's adorable and sweet. And it's certainly not her fault that she likes doggy smells that don't intrigue me.

But even if it did. I am reminded that I have such sweet furkids that have the power to interrupt me. And as soon as my daughter (who normally bathes the dogs) gives Victoria her bath, her not quite dry self will be wiggling in my lap once again. It's just the way it is.

The positive?

You are reading it.

This article had a much different slant before Victoria's approach. I don't even remember what it was now. But it's ok. I have a dog (well, several dogs) that love me so much that they want my attention and adoration. How wonderful is that?!

But back to the "All is Ours" Day--

I think every day should be a day to see the positives.

Yes, we do have work to do on our sites. But then, we are blessed to have those sites to work on and a training program to guide us.

Yes, sometimes family (including furkids) cause those random interruptions. But I am so thankful to have family and furkids always near.

Those times you can't come up with a good topic or keyword? I'm thankful for the WWW-- how I would have enjoyed access to all of this when I was in school!

The list is endless. And I think it should be.

Keep it positive all day, every day!

Happy "All is Ours" Day!

Make it your daily practice!

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JanetKelly Premium
Great post - having fur babies can only give positive vibes haha. Mine are way to big to sit on my lap but they do have a tendency to lie across my feet cutting off circulation. After I while I have to get up and walk around giving me a break from the screen and a little exercise at the same time. Hows that for positivities haha xx
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, we have a couple of larger-than-lap, too. They seem to like to rest their heads on my lap. It can get crowded here! hahaha
JanetKelly Premium
We will have to set up a zoom so we can introduce the fur babies across the water XX
DianeK59 Premium Plus
hahaha-- that is a great idea! Some of mine enjoy watching tv. One, in fact, is fascinated when I turn on agility. He just can't stop watching!
richardgb Premium
Hi Diane
The way in which our conscious and subconscious minds work together makes it very difficult to stop negative thoughts from starting. The key to control is to practice consciously noticing whenever a negative thought rears its head and to consciously change it to something more useful. Consistent persistance, as with most things, can lead to improvement.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Consistent persistence-- I like that term! Thanks, Richard!
JEaston Premium Plus
Great post, Diane!
As usual, I learn from your sharing here.
Yes, think POSITIVE!
Best wishes,
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you, Joyce! I'm happy you found it useful.
JEaston Premium Plus
Thank you, Diane and you're welcome :-)
LatinNomad Premium
Greetings Diane. Thank you for this great motivation. Have a great day. Trevor
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you, Trevor.
I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!
Rebekah272 Premium
Great post, Mom!!

The picture made it extra great! How could you not like those big eyes Vic has!? Lol.

Thanks for the thoughtful post!
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, Victoria is indeed beautiful!