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Hackers- more than just annoying!

As I was checking one of my websites yesterday, I noticed a new user with Admin privileges. Well, the red alert in my mind came up and I quickly deleted the user and checked for any damage.

In hindsight, I should have gone to site support first, rather than just deleting the user. I did ask them about it after I deleted and they gave me a couple of suggestions (including password changes) which I had already done.

Day 2

But then when I opened my WA website page today, a new surprise awaited me. That site now was not there. Oh, the domain still showed, but the content was all gone.

This time, I rushed to Site Support! (They have helped me with several issues over the years so I know to rely on them)

Within a short time, they had my site checked and back up, by doing a restore. Thankfully, they keep those backups current!

Thank you, Site Support Team!

Am I out of the proverbial woods? Maybe. I hope so. But I am still checking this and my other sites. I know I'm being overly cautious (but is that even possible with what I have at stake?). Knowing that I have over 200 articles plus some pages on the site, I think extreme caution is not only good, but necessary. Add to the sheer volume, the fact that we have recently added a shop to that site and the caution seems even more warranted.

What I've learned

I know about viruses, hackers, and embedded codes.... evil people seem to have more time to work their evil than most of us have to try to do the best we can. But this experience has given me a new appreciation for keeping a close eye on my sites than ever before.

Of course, it can happen any time to anyone. I have security on the sites. And we added another level today, after what happened.

This experience gave me another reason to stay with Wealthy Affiliate.

Sometimes I'm asked why I'm still on WA after all these years. Haven't I learned enough in 6 years to manage on my own?

Well, the truth is, I probably could. It's not a matter of if I could. It's more a matter of if I should.

You see, I value WA's

  • ongoing training
  • helpful community
  • extras like Jaaxy
  • and yes, Site Support

Without the WA team, I could continue. But I know that I'll enjoy much more success WITH Wealthy Affiliate!

So today, my thanks go out to Wealthy Affiliate and especially to the great Site Support team!

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They are every where. Including every forum and every where. They wont mind to pay subscriptions to hit people. The rule of is that never, never, share any information with people online. Never open attachment or emails that you did not request or have knowledge of where it is coming from.

If you receive any email e.g., "name@websites.com "

Copy the website websites.com and go to private browser to check it if it is existing. They are so smart such that they do clone sites like using .net instead of .com. Never assume, ensure you check.

Another, never, never reply any such emails, if you do, ensure you delete it ASAP.

No matter how nice you feel about people online, never give out of join whats app. of unknown person. They can remotely download apps that can aid their access to your phones.

Protect your asset and money and be at alert at all time.

I dont just open WA email from using the links, i will go and read it inside WA by browsing the writer. Never allow any one to send image for you to download on your system because you want to help. . . .



Excellent advice, John! Yes, we have taught our children such rules, too. It's a scary world online.

I used another hosting service for a couple of years after I joined here. After encountering a critical error on a very important site, and I couldn't reach anyone from the other hosting service, I turned to site support here. Even though I wasn't hosting my site here, they helped me the best they could.

The annual cost for the website hosting alone is very well worth it. All my sites are now here. I'm glad they helped you get your site back up and running.

Yes, I think many of us have moved to hosting here for those benefits. WA is great!

Hi Daine,
I can never say enough good things about Sie Support. I made a foolish mistake back a couple of years ago by linking through the public side of my website. Someone went in and put a bunch of links to their own products. Site Support showed me how to get rid of that stuff and make the website more secure.

You are so right about all the great benefits that Wealthy Affiliate supplies even when we think we can venture out on our own.

All of your reasons for staying at WA are extremely valid It is so nice to have like-minded members to talk with and get new ideas. You get none of the help from the Community, new business ideas, and especially Site Support if you go independent.

Thanks for sharing. Best wishes always.

bill & Sue

All good points, my friends. Thanks for sharing.

Some of my problems that needed help from Site Support were of my own doing but they are just as considerate.

Wishing you much success!

Hi Diane,
I know what you mean about things that go south of our own doing.

I mentioned in my previous memo that I opened the door to someone to put links to their own product. but I hadn't checked my website enough to catch it sooner. I guess we live and learn.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Best wishes.


Yes Ms. diane hackers I keep four eyeballs 👀 looking out for. I had Several scares like that. That’s why I have chosen to become a web dev. In school for it now. I wants to know what the hackers know so I can defend myself too!

I'm sure that career choice will keep you busy, Shakida. I'm amazed at the ways people will find to mess with our work.

Their bored jealous and have no life of their own. That’s why they want to mess with ours.

Diane it was so nice sharing this information plus encouragement to stick in WA family and point out what are the main value why staying here!



Thank you, Joce. And yes, I do believe in staying with what works, such as WA

You’re welcome Diane, We all do love WA family 😉


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