Google Sheets to the Rescue

Last Update: March 26, 2021

Tracking with Google Sheets

I use Google sheets quite a bit to track various things. One that I've been suggesting to others lately is tracking keywords.

While I have several websites, with just one site, you might still find this help

When doing topic and keyword research, I list my ideas in one column, then search for possible keywords. I add them to the next column, as I choose them. If I find more than one that I like for a topic, I can add more columns to refer back to later.

Once I've chosen the keywords, I still need my sheet.

I add a page to the sheet, copy the keywords as I begin writing, then add a date that I publish that post.

If you have just one or two websites, this is easily done on just one page. For me, with multiple sites, I need to keep it separate to make it easy to read.

One addition I do on my sheets is to add color. Each site has its own color. And each month has a different shade. That might be overkill, but it helps me stay focused on the area I'm working on at the time. And, it looks vibrant, too! 😀

As I publish, I add the keyword to the top of the list, shifting the older entries down. I hate scrolling down each time I want to add, so this works best for me.

“Organizing is a journey, not a destination.” -- Anonymous

A Big Benefit- Finding Older Keywords

I think most of us have experienced that "oh no" feeling of writing a post only to discover we've used that same keyword before. But keeping them on a sheet such as this helps prevent that.

When I'm adding keywords, I'll use my "control f" function to search for a word on the sheet. Almost instantly, I know if I've already used that keyword or written on that topic.

At that point, I can choose a different variation and write the post to another slant, or just choose another topic.

I stay focused!

Another Useful Tip

I like to keep a list of reference sites for those topics I'm researching and using as sources for information. Narrow columns (I use the "clip" format often, including for these columns) hold the URL for any reference sites I need. One site per column keeps me very organized.

If I will be relating to products, I also include a note for those.

Is this too much organization?

Probably. But it's been quite useful in keeping me organized and on-point, especially on those days with interruptions and crazy moments.

Do you use any of these techniques? Or do you have some useful ways you organize to keep you aiming for those targets?

If so, please share in the comments. I'm interested!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” --Anonymous

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edhozubin Premium
Excellent idea, I do it a different way but your way I am sure is better.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Whatever works for you, Ed. We each have our techniques.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
I use spreadsheets on my laptop to do similar things.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, very similar.
LesterJ Premium
Very informative Diane, I certainly never knew Google Sheets could be so useful. Many thanks.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I use them for many things, Lester. They even help me organize my Christmas gift list!
Newme202 Premium
I do love Google Sheet even though I just started using them

I need to re-read your blog because it seems as if they are tons of use to do with Google sheets

Honestly, I wasn't aware of these benefits

I will re-read while having Google sheets opened to teach me how to use it.
Thank you for sharing Diane
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I hope they help you as much as they have me, Simone. Let me know!
Newme202 Premium
I will Diane :)
Rebekah272 Premium

But I do love google sheets even though i barely use it most of the time, but when i do use it is use the sheets for things like money things like how much money i would need to pay for my school and other things, Great post, Mom! thanks for sharing!
DianeK59 Premium Plus
hahaha...yes, you are the first. Thanks for reading and commenting!
Rebekah272 Premium
Anytime Mom!