Friday Focus- Make Plans

Last Update: March 12, 2021

Make Plans - Revise When Needed

Many people make plans for the weekend.

Do you also plan your weekday?

Having a clear goal, a map of sorts, keeps you focused.

When you are unsure of your path, you wander around, almost mindlessly, chasing one direction after another.

How can you expect to reach your goal without a plan?

Make a clear plan.

Follow it.

Allow for detours when necessary.

You might even follow an occasional rabbit trail. I know I do!

But set a time limit for those side ventures. Use your work time effectively. Treasure it. See that it creates value.

There is time for distractions later. Follow your path and travel the successful roadway.

And when you have plans to help direct your actions, you don't waste time thinking "now what" what should I do next?"

I like the way that Brian Tracy states it.

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!” ― Brian Tracy, author, and motivational speaker

It's true. Many of us waste work time by jumping from here to there, without a clear plan. The problem is, there is only so much work time and if you aren't focused on what needs to be accomplished, you may have wasted some very good work time.

Zig Ziglar states things so matter-of-factly.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days.” --Zig Ziglar

He has a good point. What makes one person get more accomplished often is merely that one has made plans and knows his intended direction. He doesn't just jump in. He knows what he is going to do and he does it. (He or she, of course!)

I like to use part of my weekend to make and revise my plans. When do you work on yours?

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NicholaJames Premium
Hi Diane,

Thanks for the great advice! Indeed, it is important to have a plan and work your plan it is the only way you can really achieve your goals.

I set monthly goals and a plan to achieve them then I break it down into daily plan for my goals achievement.

Have a great Sunday! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
KBuck1 Premium
Thank you for writing this excellent blog, Diane. I’m working on improving this skill in my life here at WA. I have been a “not all who wander are lost” kind of person but now want to build other muscles. Maybe it’s getting older and wiser (hopefully) that gives me the desire to be efficient with my time and energy. I’m slowly getting better at this.

Thanks again and have a great Saturday!

JeffreyBrown Premium
Ha ha, Diane! The only solid plan I have is to wake up in the morning! The rest are tentative! Enjoy your weekend!

GlendaV1 Premium
Diane this is awesome it's like a renewal for anyone who is off track
Thank You
richardgb Premium
Absolutely right Diane.
I tend to plan every day for the next day, based on an overall set of things to do that I review weekly.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
That does sound like a good plan, Richard!
richardgb Premium
It works for me ... and respect that we are all different :-)