Last week, I was reading Kyle's "The Customer Purchase Lifecycle " Training and today, I just read it again. I've bookmarked it and I keep going back to it because it is just a huge help and reminder whenever I write about anything.

Here's a snippet from Page 3 that I think is invaluable!

You have to follow certain metrics that prove that you understand exactly who your customer is. These are the determining factors at it comes down to how well you know your niche. Your answer should be YES to the following questions:
(1) Do you read regularly about your niche?
(2) Can you effectively communicate with others in your niche?
(3) Do you comprehend customers issues?
(4) Can you come up with your own "pros and cons" for each customer situation (product, service, etc)?
(5) Do you understand the core problems within your niche?
You should comprehend all of these, if you don't, then you need to spend some time in the trenches learning about your niche and the customer idiosyncrasies.

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onebluemoon Premium
These will take time and experience, and is well worth investing in.
abdul11 Premium
good post
spurway Premium
it is so true, you need to step out of your shoes and step into the shoes of a customer
emergent Premium
That is a great list of things to think about. it has really made me think about a few things with my niche such as 'Do you understand the core problems within your niche'.

Thank you

wweb53 Premium
Thank you for your help on this. I know I will need it too!
ericpierre Premium
Thanks for sharing this information with us, Daniel. I will read Kyle's training once again.
markr0675 Premium
Great reminder. Thanks Daniel
emitchell512 Premium
Thank you, very helpful.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the info
mickeyb123 Premium
Thank you for this take on Kyle's training. I, too, look at kit every once in a while.
Emeolu Premium
Good piece of information.
5-qpq Premium
Very good information. Yes, I agree that we need to keep reading and studying if we really want to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

Thanks for the reminder.

I'm know going to get back to my content writing and get some work done.

After I read Kyles post, of course.

Keep agitating us, dgunter. I highly speak for myself on this one.

Becky :)
dgurtner Premium
Glad you're enjoying being "agitated." lol
5-qpq Premium
Hey dgurtner, don't get too much pleasure out of it, lol! Haha.

Have a great night.

MozMary Premium
Nice one! This answers so many people's questions recently on content and why they aren't succeeding so well...'do you read regularly about your niche' <---there's a depth to that one that implies excellent research, passion for your niche, knowledge, mastery, right there the basis for quality content and original content...

Love the way you zoomed in on something so important and the way you show us just how much time you are spending in Kyle's pdf, I think every time we read his customer purchase lifecycle we see something new as it is deep. My first impression of it was omg he has just cut through all the marketing hype out there so easily and produced an understated masterpiece, I'd just been listening to some expensive gurus puff up and drag out this, charging thousands of dollars and here Kyle makes it so simple, no bs, does it even better, and leaves it there for us like just another nugget in the course. I'm always telling people to check this out and then they'll understand the difference between this platform and what other people are selling out there when they are writing their reviews, as well as beginners to the training for their own work.
5-qpq Premium
Loved your reply. I agree 100%. Becky
MozMary Premium
Thanks! :)
Loes Premium
I liked this training longer ago than I can remember, I should do it again:)