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Last Update: February 15, 2015

Motivation is the key word in sharing information. But how do you keep yourself and others motivated?

Motivation 1: be valuable to others

An important motivator is to share information valuable to another e.g.:

  • sharing an article about a new medicin against hay fever with a relative who continuously sneezes each spring
  • forwarding an ad of the new Tesla to a friend who's interesting in electric cars
  • an accountant who shares a tax law update with its followers on Linkedin
  • sharing that hilarious video of a dancing cat with all your Facebook friends

Motivation 2: manifestation

The second motivator to share is the need of people to manifest themselve, in order to show the world who they are and what they stand for. Information you share with your network says a lot about who you are. Or at least how you would like others to see you.

Motivation 3: cultivate relationships

A strong motivation is our need to belong to a group of like-minded people. By sharing information with people around you, you indicate that you care about them. It's a way to cultivate your current relationships and also the best way to make new contacts.

Motivation 4: getting appreciation

Appreciation is a strong motivator for most people. When we share valuable information with third parties we expect appreciation in return. And if we get that appreciation, we enjoy it and gives us a feeling that we really matter.

Motivation 5: improve the world

Thanks to social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on, people nowadays are in a much better position than before to express their opinion and having more influence in certain matters.


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kennnyb Premium
Opinion doesn't do much good for the pocketbook.
despatis Premium
You're right Ken, but at least it gives some good feeling.
AndyJ Premium
Enjoyed the read. Feeling motivated!
despatis Premium
That's what I aimed for Andy, thanks.
Loes Premium
Hello Desmond, great blogpost and to the point! Keep blogging!
despatis Premium
Will do Loes, thanks.
MsDebbie Premium
That is so true and many great points to remember. Sharing with others. When you take time to think of others it's less time to dwell on yourself.
despatis Premium
Absolutely Debbie!
MJAlex Premium
Great post! We are definitely able to guide each other along the path to success, and I find that this community is spectacular of doing just that. I wish to get more connected to social media and expand my audience a bit... Thank you for the insight!
despatis Premium
You're most welcome Matthew!