Pros & Cons of Working at Home

Last Update: March 09, 2015

The work room at home remains an attractive working environment but there are also some drawbacks.


  1. less travel time and less travel expenses
  2. stay at work during mild illness, fewer sick days
  3. higher job satisfaction, the new world of work is fun!
  4. better balance work-family reg. care responsibilities
  5. less child care needed (parents' day / earlier at home)
  1. more chance of conflict with family members (see 3.)
  2. isolation, less physical contact with the 'real' outside world
  3. mixed up work and private life without regulated working hours
  4. workplace at home is often of insufficient quality, lack of technical capabilities
  5. chance of stress if you're not able to do self-scheduling and set up good plans
Benefits for society:
  1. less commuting
  2. better work-life balance
  3. higher employment rates of women
  4. environmental benefits, lower emission of CO2
Disadvantages for society:
  1. less excise taxes on commuting
  2. negative consequences for social cohesion
Let's hope most of us enjoy the benefits only ...
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Garden77 Premium
I love this one. keep up the good work
despatis Premium
Will do, thanks Glenn.
AllynBeekman Premium
After having worked 40 years for others, in offices of various types, I am very pleased to work from home this past year plus. Good post.
despatis Premium
It's my pleasure Allyn.
NemiraB Premium
How about taking a walk or going to volunteer? You will meet people.
despatis Premium
Great idea Nemira!
JohnMar4348 Premium
Thanks for the post. I haven't thought of it like that before.
despatis Premium
You're most welcome John.
Dgegegegwg Premium
Some very good points. I may actually start going to my other job when I'm not working just to use the Wi-fi. That way I'm not sitting on a boat like a hermit. On the other hand I do have the little furry guy with me...and he may not like that plan.
despatis Premium
As long as it matches with your cruising and adventure lifestyle, why not Chris ...