What Is Traffic? How doing nothing wins (but keep publishing!)

Last Update: October 05, 2019

Note: This Article can easily be titled why all SEO agencies are fake!

Dear all content marketers and bloggers,

What is Traffic?...

I mean,

What is the best way to get more organic traffic to existing content?

Some fancy pants SEO technique?

Link Building?

Guest Posting?

Skyscraper content?

Super long stuff 10,000 words plus?

Is it writing super fantastic content best on the net and out doing you competition?

We all rack our brains training to "out do" competitors. We all want more and we want it NOW!!!!!!.

For those that don't know me, technical SEO I love! kinda geeky and appealing to me...appeals to my engineering side!.

The very best technique is this...

do nothing.

absolutely nothing!.

Create it and publish it and do absolutely zero.

I just checked an old site of mine. Every post I wrote was just published and that's it. No updating of content, no link building or guest posting or any SEO Voodoo!.

Just once and done!.

To my surprise and shock!

Each of my top content (something I was not watching) were all racking in thousands of organic visitors each post with the top 1 having 3000+ Search traffic alone, the next best about 1600+

Were these great articles...hell no!!! and by all admission!.

were they fantastically optimised, of course! but on page SEO only!..

Zero off page...no link building, no guest posting, nothing at all..NADA!
How long were these posts?.....
one was 800 words, the other about a 1,000 round.

No single article was over 1000 words, yet generating thousands of search traffic alone EACH!.

Be patient, be chilled, relax and keep publishing new fresh content.

What you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate is far superior to anything anywhere so much so that to generate thousands of organic visitors per post you don't need to do anything special. Just follow the training and stick with it.

If an average article quality wise can attract 3,000 organic visitors with about 800 words from a newbie (at the time) by doing nothing off site (not even social media) there is no telling what a great article can and will do.

Just have patience, stick with the training here at wealthy affiliate and do not deviate. Keep publishing and I swear..the traffic just grow as time rolls past.

I double dare you all to go check your traffic and top posts and roll back a few months and see how little traffic your articles get organically and what they are getting now...

...hey you done nothing to start getting all that extra traffic.

That is the power of The minimal SEO techniques taught at WA.

As long as you keep building, and publishing new fresh content you will get that traffic;

I'll end this with a very true and apt movie quote.

"Build it and they will come" Field Of Dreams.


I just realised the value of the two posts I mentioned from ad revenue (I did not and still don't have ads on the site) would be worth $60 & $30 per month respectively (only from organic traffic generated).

Those were not review pages but funnelled to reviews and thus could have still generated affiliate sales. still cool $90/month for doing nothing at all!.

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ElizabethRo2 Premium
Thanks for sharing, I do realize, patience is a virtue.
DerekMarshal Premium
You got it!

That is exactly what it takes!
Fleeky Premium
Fully agreed...
Unless you want to control the analytics
and even those are biased
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to to remain patient!🙂
DerekMarshal Premium
Ohh I understand that Heidi! My impatience is what lead me to digging up my old site and discovering this!!

Seriously amazing how one article over time just grows and keep attracting more traffic while you do absolutely nothing to it.

Just keep satisfying Googles hunger for content though!.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Going to keep trying, my friend!! Thanks for the encouragement!!😁
DerekMarshal Premium
It takes 2 years of consistent effort. Which is nothing just 2 years and you can live the rest of your life free as a bird.
Bimby Premium
Thanks for sharing. I'll go off and check an old site of mine.
DerekMarshal Premium
You do that and watch how your top articles grow..I tracked mine over 2 year period went from 50 organic sessions to over 3,000 by doing absolutely zero!.

Jaw dropping to say the least.

Appreciated if you report back the crazy growth over time by doing zero!.
AlanJE Premium
That´s really interesting as a new approach Derek, having read and listened to Brian Dean and Neil Patel; i think you have the makings of a guru:-), Alan.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you kindly...I certainly have the same hairstyle as those two do...

Note Alan, I am referring to my very first site built with WA