WAgas fact! .Did you know that if you.

Last Update: June 03, 2019

Hi folks...just and inspiring quickie...

Here is a quick fact...I can see you all doing the maths right now...

Did you know that if you get 1 sale during the month of June..and then double it every month for the rest of the year you will make it to Vegas!.

June..1 Sale

July 2

August 4

Sepeteber 8 - (remember from September onwards To Dec 31) only 100 sales will get you to Vegas.

October 16

November 32

December 64...

Viva las WAgas!

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MichalB Premium
You made my day!
DerekMarshal Premium
Like a line out of a spaghetti western movie...

ExpatMark Premium
You nailed my plan perfectly. Thanks for sharing. Throw Black Friday into the mix and the summer to build up our momentum and our sites. Great plan.

DerekMarshal Premium
I see the plant as pretty doable, Just "double up" and let all the hard work we do accumulate..yes end of the year, retail season..
Kyle Premium
This is true Derek, and we always run something from September to December for the late starters in the year. Because a lot of the time people will start gaining traction over the summer and we refresh the incentive for those folks.

Also, many people hit the numbers in February/March and that is the reality once you get your system in place. It is just a matter of scaling to go from 100's of sales per year, to 1,000's.

Hope to see you and many others there next year!
DerekMarshal Premium
That is pretty true. I was just reading Jerry..he made Vegas in September...then again by March...6 months later..
dragonfly10 Premium
Sounds great all I need is that first sale
DerekMarshal Premium
That is all it takes..1 sale in June...2 in July..4 in August...see how easy that sounds now
bonzo124 Premium
Sounds good! I just need one sale this month!
DerekMarshal Premium
Yep and wait for the accumulative effect...