SAT Report Month 3 - The Treble Yell!

Last Update: August 11, 2019

Sup Y'all.

Hope all your blogging fabulously well, my apologies as this is a little late by 10 days. I have been working away keeps my butt of the beach this "Blogustus" and keeping myself busy.

This series of blogs is to document my own progress, as Jerry H puts it fabulously in his mind sent training you can only connect the dots looking backwards.

Month 1 (May Results)

Month 2 (June Results)

And now for Month 3.

SAT Month 3, July'19 The Treble Yell!

No Of Post Published in July: 62

Total Posts Published On Site At July 31: 184

Site Age: 3 months

Moz DA: 20

Organic Search Traffic: 341 - Up from 130!

Referrals: 10 up from 3 (Trebel yell!! woo-hoo, double digits!!)

Total Referrals: 16 (Sweet 16!).

I am making the bare attempt to build the site in the MMO niche promoting Wealthy Affiliate using traffic sources that are completely passive.

Completely passive.

The first major objective is to rank and get rock solid traffic and rankings using "bare naked SEO" that is onpage SEO for wordpress with no or as little content promotion as possible and no off page seo or link building.

The general concept is to get good rankings naturally based on the quality of content, good onpage seo and later I can solidify those rankings by using content promotion strategies and off page seo.

This month something incredibly interesting started to happen for a good part of the month, GOOGLE WAS NOT MY TOP ORGANIC TRAFFIC SOURCE.


Can you guess what for about half the month, what was my top source?

Yep Bing!.

I won't BS' you guy's here, it was kind of depressing seeing google traffic fall, particularly as the beginning of the month I looking set for 450+ (total organic) and about 300 of that from Google. I almost felt like giving up, and if it was all worth it.

Then, I realised a lack of google traffic is actually a good thing for a couple of reasons

  1. Less dependency on google = less effected by updates
  2. If I do decide to Optimise for google and give a ...(sound's like duck!) I'll get even more.

Social Media & It's Relevance To SEO

As I mentioned, the intention is to be as passive as possible as far as traffic is concerned. Social media (most of it) is very active traffic source other than perhaps YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn where you content hangs there easily searchable and findable.

However, I am not using social media for this site at all.

For some reason I am still getting some interesting results from some platforms - some I am not even on!.

That is, the power of what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate and focusing on content quality.

The reason I am not focusing on social media is it what I call a hustlers traffic source, you need to hustle for it.

Not my style, besides, the site is not ready for social traffic yet and neither am I.

I am too busy creating content, something that will generate more traffic long term. A far better long term ROI for my effort.

(If I stop or take a day off I'll still get traffic, not so much the case when your fully dependent on newsfeed based social media).

To demonstrate my point a picture speaks a thousand words.

Besides, if you create quality share worth content you'll get that social media traffic anyway!. You could fairly say SEO is a social media strategy!.

Positve feedback loop in this aspect is......

This study by SEMRush clearly shows the effect of Social signals on Search Engine Optimisation and thus rankings and thus emphasising my point of social media, SEO and content forming an integral and important part of that.

I have not posted to Facebook so, by my reckoning 213 sessions for zero effort is pretty good! Who ever is posting to FB my content..Thank You, Gracias, Grazi Mille, Terima Kashi, Cam on Ban, Khop Khun Mak Krabp, Danka ..and dont't stop!

Throught the month I kept an eye on average on page time - an indication of visitors enjoying the content and reading it.

With the average person reading 200 words per minute I'm happy with 2,500 words being read.

During July I did not track trakings per say but I most certainly can report back some Page 1 rankings and being right up there on page 2 for some highly competitive 2.5k search keywords.

I have been keeping an eye more of Google Search Console and yep...going in the right direction focusing on getting a lower average positiol both globally and for US based traffic, which is happening and more impressions but there does seem to be a huge miss correlation between No of Clicks reported by GSC and Google Analytics - even though I do realsie GSC is only reporting back on Google clicks still huge misrepresentation of the numbers.

Getting Organic Comments - including one from a Billion Dollar Asian company, which was pretty cool, not bad considering I reviewed them and did not recommend their product/service yet got commended by them for a "some what positive review".

Definately something in remaining positive even when you don't recommend a product or service.

Currently Ranking for 1000+ Keywords in the top 100 of google and a Alexa rank of 700,000ish.

Finally, keep at it folks, the following graph show you how things really do just scale up over time - time frame is 3 months.

Note at the beginning that is around 200-250 impressions while at tthe end looking at 2,000 to just under 2,300 imepresions daily, 10x increase in 3 months.

All ther more reason to keep going.

Since Aug is 1/3 gone already I can report so far that traffic looking like it will touch base around the 600 mark - Organically speaking, predictively I can project 2,000 to 2.500 organic traffic for December (estimated).

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CordeliaN Premium
I am impressed, impressed because I too have been with WA for 3 months and understand little about some of your observations, never mind being able to analyse them...I am guessing this type of online marketing is not new to you, as you appear to have picked up the baton and ran with it from the get go.

As I said, impressive regardless of any previous experience; love that you have statistics from social media without the need to hustle.
Well done....
Looking forward to seeing July and August stats.
DerekMarshal Premium
I'm not new to online marketing, been a member here for nearly 4 years. The site is 3 months old and is my first forray into MMO.
CordeliaN Premium
Ahh ok, now your post has given me some homework, I am never the less hugely impressed that a 3 month project has achieved impressive stats.

As mentioned previously looking forward to next months stats.. 👍
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks, the stats could be so much better given the amount of content published.

In reality I see that as great as there is more content to mature in search engines as the site gains more trust.

A fine example is...2 organic visitors daily in May - 3 months ago and I'll average 10x that for August.
KingZ221 Premium
This is awesome! You are doing so good! :)
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks. Gotta keep going!
FKelso Premium
You are doing so well! Keep it up.

Wish I had as many posts written...working on it.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks, it really hard work though...but enjoyable.
jvranjes Premium
Your time on page is unbelievable.

Any idea why CTR is so low, I understand it is 0.67, right? But even with this, your traffic is great for such a new site. I also have a new site with 1% CTR and this is well below my other sites. Not sure why this is so. Do you have rich snippets? I cannot have them in that particular site, this would help.

My Bing traffic is generally next to none, just around 1-2%. Your seems to be just the other way around. So, why this is so? I have never been able to understand this. Have seen people having up to 20-30% from Bing/Yahoo and this should be normal.

By the way, I have no idea what SAT is.

How can you be so sure about those predictions? Based on previous experience? From my own experience, I always see a plateau after initial growth, and this is roughly with the traffic reaching 1000-1500/day. Have read somewhere that there is something behind it, apparently Google is doing something bad behind the scene, perhaps yet another myth.
DerekMarshal Premium
Hi Jovo,

SAT Super Affiliate Training.

Bing - I've been submitting site map and URL's.

CTR I can't calculate at all for some weird reason GSC is showing what really looks like a different set of results to GA.

Traffic on GA is way higher than what GSC is showing.
jvranjes Premium
I do the same with Bing what I do with Webmaster and this means the same what you are doing. The results are as described. I am not able to explain it.

CTR is given in the graph above, or this is something else.
DerekMarshal Premium
What the CTR as per GSC is around the figure you quote but
I'm seeing on GA for Google traffic alone 3-4x as much traffic as what GSC is showing as clicks.
jvranjes Premium
Yes, something is strange. The impressions which you show should give far less traffic if CTR is correct. But who cares, your traffic is clearly very good.
DerekMarshal Premium
Calculating out the impressions and correlating with GA traffic does pull in at the figures you are stating for CTR.

It is low in my opinion due to having a rather high average position just under 70 worldwide and 50 for US traffic.

For my niche sites I didn't particularly monitor CTR until much later and averaged 5% managed to hover around 7% I do believe this to be a fault in GSC also as they only measure//display the top 1,000 keywords. Meaning not really a true or wholly accurate representation.
jvranjes Premium
There is something more in this and I cannot figure it out. I am continuing this conversation because I have something similar on my new site. Here is what is puzzling.

1. If it is such a high average position, then (in average) people do not see posts, so there should be no many impressions and consequently the traffic should be very low.

In my case the numbers seem to match but I do not understand them. The average position is 48 (this is all US, so similar to your case) yet the site has great impressions 600k/month, and total clicks around 6k/month, so CTR is 1%. How people find it if it is so badly ranked?

I still miss understanding why CTR on new sites is initially so bad.

2. I see your CTR in older sites is very good, much better than my older sites. Curious to know what you use mostly as CTR, is it a text link or some clickable box, where do you use them?
DerekMarshal Premium
I think there is more questions that answers mate. I have been happy to think that the low CTR is down to a high Average postion...

You might have just blown that out of the water there.

It might be I am getting a lot more impressions on high volume keywords that are deeper (lower) in the ranking and fewer impressions on the higher up in the rankings ones due to lower search volume.

The older Niche sites I don't use a forced meta description at all te average position is pretty good. How accurate GSC is in this aspect is questionable due only displaying your top 1,000 keywords...but when you are ranking for 15x have question the over all CTR.

I am pretty sure GSC only calculating and giving data for those top 1,000 keywords.

These used to be a free (now defunct) tool called Console rocket that would show all your keywords and give a better more acurate CTR for them all (which I do recall was lower than what was displayed by GSC) and display your dropped keywords (great ones to create content around and win back!).
Joes946 Premium
Whew Derek! I'm out of breath just reading it. Want to study it more.
Great post.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks Joe.