SAT Month 2 A Google Wobble But Still More Than Doubled Organic Traffic

Last Update: July 01, 2019

Hi Folks,

Just a quickie!

As you all know Month two of SAT - Super Affiliate Training is over - as counting mine on a monthly Basis - better way to keep track of progress.

June 1 - June 30.

Brief History ans progress thus far..

Not much to speak of. New site, still in the Sandbox. Had to make a major juxtaposition and just go or it...screw it follow a proven method...and do what works.

Basically April 13 lost my niche site (finally..I made it hang on for 8 months post google Medic update).

May 1st I ditched the blogging tip niche and teaching blogging (something I love, my passion!) and added in a new category "MMO".

And I'm all in!. .....ALL IN!!!

Ol' "Maggie May" was good to me and the results of which can be seen here

And just as things started looking great, bloggin' an' lovin' in a city I just love, the rather charming and somewhat traditional town of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

At the beginning of the month thing really looking awesome, writing 3x daily (1,500 to 2,000 words). Writing is something I love doing. I have no problem wacking out 5,000-6,000 words daily espacially as I have my formula down.

Managed to keep up with my target of 60 articles published per month and still have quite a few days off, thanks to the backlog created - the reason for the extra article written daily.

Yes, exhaustion did set in a bit - despite my passion for blogging and all thing related to the art of blogging there is only so many 14-16 hour days 7 days a week that anyone can do before feeling exhaustion.

I am sure many on here might have noticed and experienced a bit of a traffic wobble this month due to the "Googletrocracy" and their updates...

Not to worry - they will realise that we do no harm and are actually helping people to avoid being scammed or at least warning them of questionable opportunities.

The Details.

No actual great numbers to be spoken of, month 2 still in the sandbox.

Posts Published in June: 60

Total number Of Posts Published: 122

Organic Search Traffic: 133 (up from 62!)

Notable my % of traffic from google went down but got more from both Bing and Yahoo % wise a little disapointing knowng I could have had a lot more organic traffic to speak of but could have means nothing!.

I do have a lot more traffic than 133, I am only measuring organic traffic as I am seeking passive traffic sources and not "active" traffic sources.

Once again this month my Facebook Traffic grew from 103 To 176 which is really interesting as I freaking don't post to facebook! Nothing at all!. It's a beautiful mystery!

Keywords And Rankings

Some nice growth here and the curve continues to grow. I'll have more of this down the line as continue my content heavy approach. The more content I have bubbling away maturing the more keywords I will rank for.

Note: USA Only Keywords

Growing 327 to 763 keywords ranked in top 100 state side is very nice. Similar growth will see me 1,000 keywords by month 3. Nice!

What is particularly nice about the graph I am seeing is accoring to Search Console my US rankings average position is 40.5. - I really gotta bring that down.

Again this is US traffic only.

While it is dissapointing to have lost my unique top 3 position keyword I'll take that on the chin knowing I more than doubled my Page 1 keywords and nearly hit double figures and made siginificant increase in the amount of top 50 keyword rankings.

Other Notable Wins

Rather nicely mid month I jumped up 2 DA points and I'm on target for a year end DA score of 25-30 and dropped to below 1 million in Alexa Rank (lower the better!).

Hit The Target of 10 unique WA affiliate link clicks per day

and 3 referrals, matching previous months total but 4 days quicker.

A lot more impressions of my keywords (made the 15,000 target (global traffic)) (Search console data)

Achieved the target of average position globally of less than 75.


Plenty of progress has been made from month 1 to month 2, I expect more progress month 3. What we do as content marketers and bloggers is the accumulation of all our previous work. It all adds up.

Here is a lovely quote to keep you going!

"There is no elevator to success - you have to take the stairs"

Vegas 2020..let's go!

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mbouteiller Premium
Hey Derek,

Wow... 60 articles in a month? That's incredible and you have referrals as well. You're on your way to Vegas 2020.

Keep up the good work. Your traffic is growing. Well done and thanks for sharing. I have to get my report out soon. Maybe tomorrow.

DerekMarshal Premium
Looking forward to reading your report and following your progress.
KingZ221 Premium
Inspiring and supportive post.
Thanks Derek.

DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks Eli
havedi1969 Premium
Keep up the good work. It is definitely going to pay off.
DerekMarshal Premium
I am absolutely sure it will!
RosanaHart Premium
Take those stairs!
DerekMarshal Premium
Yes boss!. I'll get up those stairs, to the very top even if I have to crawl and drag myself up them!
Strahinja1 Premium
Congratulations. You are a beast. I can only say that.

Keep up the good work.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks, and I will!