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Last Update: Jan 29, 2023

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I am fixing 2 baby back pork ribs full racks. With membrane pulled off the backs. I added my fresh honey mustard whip I made yesterday. Rub that all over then I made a 7 spice herb rub yesterday too.

It's got all my favorite spices and herbs. I even mixed in some spicy salsa crackers that I blended on hi for a sorta lumpy floor consistency: there was 2 table spoon fulls of each spice but 4 tbs fulls of the herbs .These consisted of thyme garlic turmeric, basil.dill weed,pepper corn, cayenne pepper. This made about 2 cups. That I heavily poured on top on the sides and on the bottom too. Getting every inch well coated for both racks.But here's the kicker. With an injection needle I used one shot each of Jim beam honey whiskey I injected in-between every other rib with this true meat tenderize. I then laid them on my some at 200 for 5 hrs. Then took out let rest for 30 mins. Then with smoked pork fat I rubbed a generous amount on top both racks. I then coverd both in butcher paper and placed back on the smoker for it final smoke..which was for another 3hrs at 175 the inner temp when I took them out the first time was 169. The second time was 170. I smoked these 2 racks plus sweet taters,asparagus with yellow onions and Brussel sprouts in garlic sauce.most was in foil except the sprouts.i had them in my new cast iron smoker approved skillet.This meal came out perfect the meat on the ribs was so juicy and full of heavenly flavor. The robust taste of the whiskey and the herb was fantastic. The crackers gave this a solid crust on top to hold in all that goodness. I am Dennis (the man with the smoker).

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I just read this before lunch and am drooling. Wish I were there. Great job Dennis.

There's some left.

Thanks. Looks great. But pictures don't fill you up.

Neither does smell o text lol

Sounds absolutely delicious as always Dennis!

You can't beat a nice bit of succulent pork ribs falling off the bone!

Did I mention it's got bacon.

I believe that you left this info out Dennis!

But you know my opinion... everything is better with bacon my friend! (Just don't tell Jeff)!! 🤣🥓🥓

Hi Dennis,
My son loves ribs in BBQ sauce, and he would love this.

Slavka 👍

I forgot to add that it's got BACON lol

Hi Dennis,
nothing goes without bacon, it's the main spice👍

Slavka 👋

Hmmm, now why do I now crave ribs? 🤔

Another excellent one, Dennis!


Bacon whiskey honey yum

You tempt me, Dennis! Great stuff!

Just look at all that bacon Jeffrey!!


At $15 /package, I don't care about the bacon, Nick!


What does a package weigh then my friend??


Not enough since most of it is FAT!


I'll settle for the case of 25 oz beers in lieu of the bacon, Nick!

Wise decision buddy!!


Then your not eating the farm bacon mostly meat thick cut hardly any fat.plenty salty tho.

Yes, I thought so too, Nick!


Maybe Ron will get me some when he butchers a hog later this year, Dennis!


Now that does sound like proper bacon Dennis!!



That would be a bonus Jeff!


I think that it would be, Nick!

Hope your Hump Day's Eve is going well!


I've had worse days buddy!


I'm sure that you have, Nick!


I'm sure that we both have had my friend!


Yes, indeed, Nick!


Hi, Dennis

That sounds heavenly! 👍😎

Frank 🎸

Gosh Mr Smoker
You are a true genius when it comes to meat , sauces and smoke🔥 I guess actually a genius when it comes to all food really ! So blessed to have you share these recipes. I’m sure all in your household always look forward to meal times 👏🙌❣️

Thank you Mrs skin angel. Always ❤️ your comments. Just wish I had more then just me and my grandma at the back patio. As life slows down. Your very welcome. I love to leave everyone with growling bellies lol. 🌹 🌹🤗 .

I forgot to mention it's got bacon too.

Another Yummy blog Dennis!
Thank you!
Btw, you can edit your post ( on the upper right corner of your post, you will see a wheel , click that and you can do edits!

Have a wonderful day!

Maria 🌹

Yeah I tried that and it didn't work. I'll figure it out I do have a master copy of it in pencil. So maybe delete and try again.

Don’t delete your post! That wheel next to share on the upper right after your image, click that (edit post; delete post) will show - then you can edit!

And again it's not letting me I click on the wheel and it let's me do nothing I've even went in and tried to ask a question and I can't it won't let me ask says I have to add 4 more title words to ask .not sure what's going on but I'll fix it.

MAN! I haven't had breakfast yet and you insist on making me hungrier, Dennis. :d :D This Sounds DELICIOUS! :ddddd

I won't tell scorch about it. I couldn't keep him home. ;D

My belly was rolling too as I was typing it lmao. That's good don't tell him . Looking around fearfully. Lol


Not sure why the top is all bold letters and the bottom is all smashed together it wasn't like that when I typed it out. But there you go. Hmm it won't let me correct it either.


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