Error: . while posting a comment

Last Update: June 23, 2016

I was informed that people where receiving an error message while trying to post a comment at my site. I looked into it and found nothing. Then I starting getting the same error when commenting on other peoples site. So i started investigating by searching other members questions and found this to be a semi-common problem.

Here is what myself and a few others have done:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • click settings > WP-SpamShield
  • check the box for 'Allow users behind....."

A big thank you to Royclack for posting the question that allowed us to fix this together!

Great example of the helpful community here. :)

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Seeb100 Premium
Hi Dennis, thanks for the help. Sophie
JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
JDunyon Premium
I am glad this question finally has an answer. I've been seeing this issue arise a lot
Dreamer56 Premium
We do have a great community thanks Dennis
roamy Premium
There are few sites that no matter what you do, a comment will not go through,happened to me,after several trials, l gave up but seems somehow later,the message went without me knowing.
But when the site owner tried to approve,he could not.Later he sent me a message explaining what was going on and l could not understand why.
Dennis5150 Premium
Thank you for the input :)