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I am very new to this so I hope I don't over step my bounds, but I just have to say that this program has ruined me. Tonight I went 'fishing' (my normal Friday night activity). For those of you that don't know me that means I went to the brew house next door to my coffee shop and had a beer or few.....:) (in dog beers I only had 1)I was minding my own business and waiting for the fish n chip trailer (that's the fishing part you where wondering about). Ding, brilliant idea, I can write a review
I was informed that people where receiving an error message while trying to post a comment at my site. I looked into it and found nothing. Then I starting getting the same error when commenting on other peoples site. So i started investigating by searching other members questions and found this to be a semi-common problem.Here is what myself and a few others have done:Go to your Dashboardclick settings > WP-SpamShieldcheck the box for 'Allow users behind....."A big thank you to Royclack for
June 21, 2016
Well its the end of day 6 and I made my first dollar today! Woot, do the happy dance :)I'm happy with the progress on my website so far but still have a long way to go, taking it one step at a time. The support and encouragement from everyone here has been awesome, I thank you all for your help. I can't wait to be able to pay it forward as I learn and grow.