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Hi Everyone,Today marks four months since I joined the WA community! I never would have thought I could do the things I have done and be learning what I am learning! WA has opened a whole new world to me, and I continue to be glad that I found and joined this community.This is what I have accomplished in the last four months:Website published10 pages21 posts (will be 22 tomorrow)49 comments including mineBelong to several affiliates (no sales yet)Working to finish the certification coursePosts
I am sitting here writing this post on Saturday evening. I have just finished the hardest post I have ever written for my website. Yesterday, Friday, I knew that I had to be somewhere in the morning with my daughter. When we got to our appointment we found out some equipment was not working correctly. So we waited around and they finally called us and told us that they had to order something and would not be able to get us in yesterday. So we went home. We got home and it was probably around 11
On May 20th we had our preschool graduation and my time there ended. So this week I have been off and had time to do the things I wanted to do and not have to drive to work everyday. This gave me time to work on my website, interact on WA, work on the training, go through some other things with my site that I just didn't have the time to do.I had been looking forward to this week. Not because I would have the time to work on my website and the training, but because it was just time for the scho
I decided tonight to go on Jaaxy and see where my website is and where all my posts are located. I have 12 total posts on my website. I will be writing another post for my site this week. Out of the 12 posts, 10 of them are somewhere on Google. Some have dropped a little, but the point is they are still there! That is very exciting and motivating. The only two posts that are not indexed somewhere in Google are my two most recent posts. The one that is on page 1 position 5, I just wrote on May 9
Today marks three months since I joined WA. I had a very busy day at work and am extremely tired, but wanted to write this yet tonight. I initially went looking for a way to make an income working online when things happened at work. I decided I had had enough with working for someone else. I was actually researching another opportunity when I came across a review for WA. I read several others and just kept coming back to the WA website. I finally decided to sign up, and have not regretted that
Several weeks ago I saw a comment or post, can't remember which, that said you could find the ranking for your site and posts on Jaaxy. I went on there and found that I had a couple posts that were ranked in Google! So cool! I checked my site and could not find that it was ranked.Later I went on again and found that five of my eight posts at the time were ranked somewhere on Google. I was a little shocked when one of them was ranked on page two. I went on Jaaxy a couple of days ago and some ar
I went on Jaaxy tonight because I wanted to find out where my posts are ranked on Google. I am very excited with what I found!! I wrote two new posts last weekend for my website and one of them is already ranked in Google. I also have two posts on Google+ and both are ranked on page 1 of Google. I am here to say that persistence does pay off! I am not working on my sight as much as I would like to or am able to, but obviously my work is paying off. Not sure what I am doing right, but whatever i
April 23, 2016
Last night I wanted to show my husband that I had two of my posts that are ranked on page 5 of Google. I googled the page names, and as I am scrolling down so I can click on page 5 imagine my surprise when I saw my picture on page 1! Yes, that's right, page !!! It was one of my articles that I wrote and then place on Google+. Many here have written posts about how well social media works and I am definitely one that can now say it works! This is a great motivator! This is a screen shot of the a
I am doing this as a blog because I wanted to be able to show the picture of what I am talking about and questions won't let me do that. I opened a Pinterest account, and it wants me to copy and paste a tag to my website. I do not know where to put it for sure. Please help! The picture below is what it asks me to do. Thanks for your help!
Today marks two months that i have been with the WA community. When I first found WA I was actually researching another opportunity. After reading one of the first reviews I found on WA, something kept brining me back to find out more. I could not find anything negative on WA, so I knew this must be a good place to be. The other opportunity I was looking at at the time did have some negative reviews. Finally on February 20, 2016 I tookthe plunge and signed up. I will be honest, I had been on se