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I would like to share my opinion on the question I see asked almost daily here on Wealthy Affiliate - Should I Go Premium?The decision to go Premium is a totally personal one and has a number of factors to consider.I will not go into what you get as a Premium member, versus Free Member, as WA lays this out clearly.The first and most obvious question seems to be can I afford to go Premium? My answer was "Can I afford not to got Premium"?Here I am wanting to make a living online using Affiliate M
April 03, 2019
Quick share as I am dancing with joy. Two of my blogs on my site have been indexed by Google. I know this is just the start of my journey with WA, but it is a big Happy for me.I keep saying this, but to all newbies, put your head down, get tunnel vision and work your way through the training. Once your training is under your belt you will have the basis of a great business and the skills to think out of the box and run free with your own ideas.Wishing this awesome community continued success
After many hours and loads of coffee I have finished the next stage of my training.I have gained so much, thank you to WA and the awesome community.I am pumped and so excited to move onto Stage 3.YAY!Denise
March 31, 2019
Is this for Real?I am currently on my trianing and have been tasked to do another 5 keyword searchs. Using the Low Hanging Fruit system taught in previous lessons, I typed in a keyword phrase that I thought I would try, but presumed would have a really high QSR.Imagine my surprise when this was the result:-The Avg figure is 5539The QSR is 41I have rechecked the Jaaxy statistics and this still comes up.WOW, and this was a blog I am really interested in writing.Could Jaaxy be telling me porkies
March 31, 2019
This desire of mine to join the Laptop Lifestyle, has been so interesting and not without its dark moments. I have just finished Phase 2 of my training, and am happy to pat myself on the back for my achievements so far.I am also patting myself on the back for deciding to actually come back to basics and give WA a go.My online journey so far has spanned a few years, I have learnt an incredible amount on the way, but had also become disillusioned and eventually decided to take a years break. Th
I have just been found by Google, I am no longer lost, YAY.So happy to have reached this milestone.Back to training, hope you are all having an awesome day.
March 14, 2019
When you are new, going through your training and feeling overwhelmed, it is so important to know you have support at your fingertips.I do not easily ask for help, so since joining the online world I have had to force myself to do this. You can end up feeling very alone and damn frustrated at the smallest of things.Today I could not get my menus to work, even though I have been through the training and tried what I believe was right a few times. Instead of wasting a whole morning, frustrated
Thank you Wealthy Affiliate for well laid out and super easy training to follow and start implementing. I have enjoyed every lesson so far and cannot wait to get stuck into the next level. I work, have one very active 5.5 year old son, and look after another young boy part-time. My husband, my cat, my family and home all have demands on my time. So to say that finding any free time is exceptionally hard is an understatement. I now spend time figuring out how to free up my time, and I am be
My first post! Training is where it is all at for me right now. Thank goodness for Wealthy Affiliate, such well laid out and easy to implement training, I am loving it. I have set myself the goal of a minimum of one completed lesson a day, and so far I have achieved this. This is my 3rd year on this journey to join the Laptop Lifestyle, and I think I have finally found the right platform for me. I look forward to sharing and learning from this great community, but now it is back to TRAINING