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April 21, 2019
Armed with easter eggs, coffee and eagerness I have now finished my starter training.I have my goals laid out and am ready hop along to the next stage of this life changing journey.The ideas are coming constantly on how to grow my site, and for new niche ideas.There are a number of 'technical' hiccups I need to sort out on my site and now I feel that I can address these.I have also stored up a file of training that I am eager to watch, so included in my weekly goals is time for continued traini
I walked up to my husband this morning and told him my heart was racing, I was excited and roaring to go. The poor man was over the moon, why sweetie he asked what has got you so revved up this morning? Do remember we have been married for over 20 years, not to mention having a 5-year old in the house.Index, Index, Index and Index, I replied, while doing the Floss. Poor man, he looked so confused and then the penny dropped. Yes, even he is starting to understand that Google, Your Page Has Be
April 18, 2019
Happy Easter to everyone at WA. Here in New Zealand Good Friday is well under way. No matter how you are spending your easter I hope it is good for you.Yum I have just finished a nice sticky marshmallow egg, toooo good.Denise.
April 17, 2019
Woke up this morning to see that my ranking had gone from 205 to 159 overnight. I am in the top 200. Interesting how this makes me feel so much more responsible to the WA community, especially all the newbies, which is what I still am.I am so grateful to WA for the help and encouragement we are given each and every day.Thank youDenise.
Level 4 of my training done and dusted. I have grown so much since starting with WA. Reality versus expectations have not always been the same, however, I am beyond excited at what I have done, learned and can see happening in the future. Thank you to the community who follow me, and take the time to help me, comment on my posts and just generally give me support. A big thank you to the whole WA community, this is a very uplifting place to be.You don't know what you don't know, but everyday
Are you a Facebook Fan? I am, even though I realize that it is not the easiest way to gain customers. For some strange reason I seem to naturally understand the workings of Facebook, and fortunately do not find it hard work to keep updated. Maybe I am not an earthling, but actually from Planet Book Face, as my husband calls it. Understanding FacebookThe first and most important factor to remember is that Facebook is a SOCIAL platform. This means you need to engage and socialize here, not j
April 16, 2019
Yes this is a picture of me. Short quick blog, it is 11 pm here in New Zealand, and I am brain-dead.Looking through some WA members profiles, I have noticed that a number of people do not put up a picture of themselves in their profile image. Instead, they load in pictures of cars, animals, the sea or beach, and so on. A number of years ago I joined a very reputable marketing program online, and studied Attraction Marketing through them. This is using marketing to attract people to you, bran
Time for a quick breather, restock the coffee and give myself a high five.Another level of training done!When I became a premium member I made a goal to do one lesson a day. While I have tried to stick to this it has not always happened for a number of reasons. I have made a point of not moving on to the next training until I have completed all the set out tasks. There have been times I have not wanted to do them at all, have found them technically challenging and just a hindrance to moving
As you build your website up, finish the training and now get ready to grow your online business, you may start to realize that there are many options to use the internet to drive traffic to your website.I Hate Facebook/Social MediaHow often do we see people saying this?Unfortunately if you fall into this category you may need to overcome this hate, as it is a great way to connect with people who may become future customers.If you still think FB is all about posting what you had for breakfast,
When you have only about 1 to 2 hours a day, if that to spend on WA, getting stuck is so frustrating. I like to try to solve my own problems, not because I do not want to ask for help, but this is the way I learn.However, sometimes you have to reach out.Today I was unable to go to work, yay, it meant I had 5 free hours to work on my site, absolute bliss.I set out to do my first product review, which went relatively well.Next I had to add my affiliate links, oh no, this is when the s..t hit th