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A quick thank you to Kyle and Carson for this new additions to Wealthy Affiliate. We have so much on offer here, and it just keeps getting better. I have only had a quick look, but I am so excited already to start using the Affiliate Programs, this should save us so much time.Well done, great addition to Wealthy Affiliate.Denise
So you write this amazing blog and it is full of research and incredible information, anyone who clicks on your blog will definitely stick around and not leave you blogging to an empty room. Right, or maybe not totally right?Why Have They Left Me?Knowing your topic and giving your reader a valuable, enjoyable, informative article is what we all should be aiming at. The hiccup comes if your incredible blog is being aimed at the wrong target audience, or even worse no particular audience at all
Hey all newbies just like the baby in the photo we have to learn to run, but before that, the steps to do this will require you to crawl and then walk, and here in Wealthy Affiliate this is called training. Don't tell me this, I can hear you wailing, how annoying I want to gallop into my Laptop Lifestyle and start out earning mega money every day, no slowing me down. Well you may just end up on your butt and having to go back to crawling. I am a green newbie here at WA, just started my 3rd m
May 02, 2019
Today is my Birthday and I am celebrating. Every year that I live in good health, with a roof over my head and food on my table is reason to celebrate.Added to that I have a husband and a son who love and cherish me. I have family and friends who love me. It is probably age but I honestly no longer care about presents. Waking up this morning to my son's smiling excited face because it is Mommy's Birthday is priceless. Today I turn 55 and I never dreamed that I would be holding my 6 year old
April 29, 2019
A real quick one tonight.Apparently according to Word Press I have written more than 96% of WA members this month. Does anyone else find these statistics fun and intriguing?It gets me wondering what others are doing. This is a blogging platform, so how I can rank so high with my 3 to 4 posts a week?Well that is it no more writing for this month!Where do you rank with your writing statistics?Night Denise
April 28, 2019
Today as I was about to jump onto the live chat, I spotted an ongoing conversation about one of our members who had been sent to WA jail, presumably for spamming.Questions and More QuestionsThis person could not understand why this ban had been placed on them. From all accounts they did not seem to have broken any rules. WA RulesNow most members here understand that spamming, or trying to promote their business in the blogs or live chat is a rule breaker and will not be tolerated. The same g
April 25, 2019
It is after 1am here in New Zealand, so time to head for my bed. I have had a very productive day. I managed to do a new post, learn about links, and how to post a banner into a post, caught up with some affiliate opportunities and got accepted into one that I really wanted. I also updated some of my original pages, adding a call to action to them. So pleased with myself.But Wait There Is More - Patting My Self On The BackThe best achievement today is seeing a number of my posts rank in numb
Your training is done and you are ready to conquer the affiliate marketing world, make that incredible income and paddle your own canoe.But, wait, a few days have flown by and I am spending so much time on the computer, but what am I actually doing?Have I Lost My Paddles, Am I Adrift?While in training mode it is easy to stay motivated and on track. This is so exciting and new, you are being told what to do with each step. You are being given tasks to complete and actions to follow. Your webs
April 23, 2019
An oldie, but one I try to live my life by."Whether you think you can, or, think you can't,You are Right"Henry FordFood for thought.
Still TrainingI was working through my training and had reached the lesson on adding intent to your blog. Go off and do a new blog the training said, adding what you have learned from this lesson.Off I rushed ..Low Hanging Fruit Starting PointI am in love with Jaaxy and the low hanging fruit concept. I have a section on my site dealing with insurance in my particular niche. I diligently typed in my keyword phrase and got this result back:- 63 803 monthly searches with very low QSR.Blog TimeQ