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I have passed my six months here at Wealthy Affiliate and I wanted to let you know about my progress so far.So, far I am pleased with my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate and I won't be able to achieve this far without the generous help and support that I am getting from all my friends here at WAAs for my website, I am happy with the site health so far. It is looking pretty good although I have not published recently. I have been busy in the last two weeks organising the birthday party of my d
July 22, 2016
It's almost been two weeks since my last blog but I am very excited to tell you all that my daughter's 7th birthday celebration last 16th of July was a huge success! It has been a day full of fun-filled activities for the whole family to enjoy, My daughter's friends and classmates enjoyed the party games, magic show and disco.My friends did the the party cakes: from princess cupcakes, princess castle cake and my favourite purple yum princess cake.There are give-aways and of course a party need
July 10, 2016
It's time for a celebration to celebrate the upcoming birthday of my youngest child. My daughter will be turning seven years old this coming Thursday but we will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday instead. She will be entering another milestone and it is a common tradition in my home country to celebrate it with family and friends. It is among the important birthdays that we have to celebrate because this is the beginning of her primary years. It will be a busy week for me preparing for he
I am running out of words to say, so I thought of doing a poem for you today.A poem of inspiration which will end your desperationA poem that is funny which will make you happyBut my mind sees empty and could not think deeplyThe words that I should gather to connect and put togetherSo, I tried to condition myself and brought out some books from the shelfWhich I think will help me create, this poem I want to dedicateMy mind suddenly begins to wander and thought of some words to ponderAll it take
Do you know the benefits of blogging at WA? The following are a list of the benefits I achieved in creating blogs at WA:It boosted my confidence. As a newbie writer with no background experience in creating blogs, blogging at WA gave me the confidence to express my creative ideas.It allowed me to practice my writing skills. Creating blogs at WA allowed me the opportunity to put my creative ideas to the test.It serves as a means to hone my writing skills. Creating blogs regularly at WA will enha
June 30, 2016
I'm a proud mom today! I attended the parents evening earlier and learned that my little daughter is doing very well in school. She is working above the level expected for her age in Reading and Writing and has achieved the grade of A in all her core subjects. Also, her SATS Key Stage 1 results are outstanding. SATS here in the UK stands for Statutory Assessment Tests or Standardised Assessment Tests. It is a test given nationally to all schools during the month of May to test how well the chil
Just want to share with you all that my 2 WA Tutorials were on Page 1 in Google. I went Incognito just to check it and was amazed to find out that both of them are on Page 1. See the screen shots below which says Wealthy Affiliate?Here's the other one,The good thing about this is I have utilised what I learned here at WA. Using long tail keywords definitely works! The other benefits that your page rank can give you are, for instance, people on the web who are searching for a similar topic or co
June 24, 2016
ththMy AdSense is starting to make Sense now. After a month of hibernating, I visited my Adsense Performance Report and was thrilled and happy to see this:I have earned a total of £22.66 from 10th April to 25th June. Not bad for a start. This performance table will motivate me more to continue on learning and creating quality contents on my website. Always happy thoughts from now on. Let's continue to add sense to all our everyday business activities by moving forward. Have a good and a p
Does your faith lead you to triumph over the hardships of your life?This is the question that went through my mind after watching a touching true story of a man after being left by his wife was able to triumph over the hardships of life because of his faith.The man did not finish his secondary education and is having a hard time making both ends meet with his meager salary. His wife, on the other hand, was able to finish her college education and has always been supportive of him. They lived in
I just checked today's Top 10 on the Activity Dashboard and was surprised and happy to find out that my First Tutorial was on top 2 next to Kyle's Training. Please see the screen shot below:This has boosted my confidence to add more training in the future. Thank you to all those who supported me on my first WA tutorial. Your likes and awesome comments are much appreciated.To all those who have not read it yet, especially to all "Newbies" who are just finding their way to organise themselves o