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During the past two weeks, I have been looking for ways on how to improve my personal brand for my business.I stumbled across an article about Personal branding. It talks about how to build and promote your own personal brand which is essential for your business' success. To know more about this, please click the link below: you are in the early stage of building your own personal busi
I have a quick update to share about Content and Social Media Marketing that might be of interest to you. I have been receiving a lot of updates lately from Google alerts about the latest research regarding my particular niche and also on my Flipboard digest. What I want to share with you are the latest updates that I received from Flipboard digest and these are about Content and Social Media Marketing.We know that "Content is King" and that quality is much important than quantity nowadays. Her
OMG! My Website and Posts went straight to Page 1 after verifying with BING Webmaster!!!When I went Incognito and search my Page rank in Bing, I was amazed when I saw my website went straight to Page 1. So, I searched all of my previous posts and was amazed to see that most of them were on Page 1 as well. See evidence below:It has come to my attention that I have not yet verified my website and its links with BING after reading the excellent tutorial of Tim ( Dreamer 56). If you have not read h
Yay! I'm so happy to see that my new WA training is on Page 1 on Google and number 4 in the popular training today. I went to Google Chrome and went Incognito and was surprised to see that my new training went straight to Page 1 and was placed on numbers 1 to 4. I also went to the Activity Dashboard and was also surprised to see that it was placed at no. 4 in the Popular Training for today.I am very thankful to Kyle and Carson for all the lessons and training that they provided for us here and
I am just dropping by to say hello and to update you that although I may be less active now in engaging within the WA community by creating blogs, I am still here popping up every now and then to comment on some blogs, helping and welcoming new members and followers. I made some necessary changes so that I could resume and finish the Course Lessons and start with the Affiliate Bootcamp. I have been busy lately with my children because of the school holiday. I need to take them out often and sp
Finally, my site comment has been fixed. I want to thank Kyle and his Site Support Team for their timely response. I was getting frustrated last week because comments from people whom I know outside WA couldn't comment on my site.They told me that they could not send their comments and that something is blocking it. I tried to fix it by going to my Dashboard to check if I have checked my allow comment's box on the post hat they wanted to comment on. It has a check mark, and so the next thing th
I have some GOOD NEWS for you!!!Although I haven't been active recently here, at WA, I have some good news for you!I was able to regain my focus and delighted to tell you now that I am back on track. I have been busy creating contents to my site and finding ways on how to drive more traffic for my affiliate programs. These are two of the six goals that I set for myself for the next 6 months. See the copy below:My next goal for the next six months is to be able to:Create content at least once or
It is time to refocus and persevere to get back on track again. It's been almost two weeks that I have not been active in doing blogs here at Wealthy Affiliate.It is not that I have lost my momentum, but I have been away for a week's holiday with my family. It is summer here n the UK and the children are on their school term holiday. I have to think of a way to keep them busy and thought of looking for a place, where they will enjoy and have a great time. So, I grabbed the opportunity and took
It's time for me to relax and unwind! It is the perfect time of the year where my children are off from school for their summer holiday. I don't want to spend that much on this holiday so, I have decided to spend our holiday within the country. My family and I have decided to go somewhere nice and cozy which is also near the seaside. We are heading to Bognor Regis Holiday Park! My children are very excited! There are a lot of activities to choose from that will definitely keep them busy. We ar
An ounce of inspiration is worth a pound of gold! Did you experience a different kind of energy whenever you feel inspired? If you will ask me, I do. It's like winning a lottery or a trip around the world! This is the feeling that we always wanted to have to help us stay focus on the job at hand. It gives us positive energy. A vibrant one that helps put our mind at ease. It helps us clear our minds from any worries or problems that confront us. It takes all the negative energy away. It control