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If you are an Amazon Affiliate, I have exciting news for you!!!Last week I attended my very first Amazon Affiliate Education Event. I felt excited to what will be the agenda for that day. It was a pleasure to see face to face and listen from people who have been successful in Affiliate Marketing speak about their success stories. I was able to network with some affiliates and exchanged our details with regards to our online businesses which could be helpful when it comes to backlinking our sit
Positive thinking in action leads to Success in our surgical team yesterday. As an Operating room nurse team leader in our surgical team, it is my responsibility to ensure that everything is well-prepared and in good working order for our surgical lists, from the theatre temperature, instruments and equipments to be used as well as consumables. Patent's care and safety is our core responsibility and we need to ensure that all risks that will compromise patient's safety should be dealt with and
All of us want to be tuly happy in life. Happiness may mean success to one's career or business. To others it may mean offering help through charitable works, teaching someone, giving advice or simply listening and just being there to provide moral support to someone in need.According to Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment and the remaining 40 percent is how we choose to respond.In his TED talk,
November 04, 2016
Yesterday my daughter excitedly showed to me her Pupil Profile for the Autumn Term. She was so proud and happy to say that she got all green on her Attainment and Attitude Targets.I am so proud of her for achieving all green for all her core subjects and her attitude. We too, can all achieve our targets or goals if we continue to believe that we can do it and by always carrying a positive and persisistent attitude. We should never give up through the trying times. We may feel SOME doubts somet
Last week has been a busy week for me attending the school activities of my children. They received three big achievements that I am proud to celebrate with all of you!The first achievement was about my daughter's assessments and how she did this school term. I felt happy and proud to hear from her teacher that she did well. She had exceeded the level required for her age in Maths and English. The second achievement was about my daughter's dance performance. I watched her dance and was so happy
Yesterday, I was surprised when I received a great news from my son's school. My son excitingly handed me a newsletter from his school. He told me that he knew the lady on one of the pictures in this newsletter and I needed to open it right away to see it as well.I was surprised to see myself on their school's newsletter for this week and was so thankful that they have supported my website. A capture shot taken from the newsletterThis is such a great news not only that the school helps me in my
October 10, 2016
This week is a busy week for attending my children's school activities. I will start off today, Tuesday by attending my son's Moving-on Assessment Meeting at 1:30 pm UK time and collect my daughter from her school to accompany her to her dress rehearsal and photo shoot for her upcoming dance show this Sunday. I will keep you updated. I am hoping for success!On Thursday, I will be attending the parent's evening for my daughter's achievement this term in the morning and then go straight to attend
I want to tell you about my recent experience as a guest blogger.I was asked to write an article on a website that deals with special education. The owner was one of my followers' on Twitter and Facebook. She asked me if I could write for her regarding my personal experience in dealing with a special need child. An article that could teach and inspire parents with special needs. It should consist of about 500 to 1000 words of unique and quality content that have not been published on any websi
There was this article from Linked-in that I read which talked about the habits of wildly successful people. These are great habits that helped them to be successful in life. I believe these will also help us to change the bad habits that we acquired in pursuing our goals. By changing these bad habits, we will be able to focus on achieving our goals toward success.A psychologist from Stanford says, that a person should adopt a growth mindset to be successful. Children with great social skills a
September 27, 2016
If you are familiar with Rick Warren, you must have read, The Purpose Driven Life.Each of us has a purpose in this life. It is a natural gift that we already have which we need to explore.Whatever it is, exploring new opportunities will lead us to fulfill our potential. We should never be afraid to try something new. Life is a constant circle of exploring, trying and learning. It is not dependent on age. We will never know what we are good at not unless we try and learn something new.Chris Gard