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January 06, 2017
Does the title ring a bell to you? Yes, it is a title of a song sang by the Pointer Sisters in 1980's.This is the feeling that I have right now. I'm so excited to tell you that I was invited to be a guest speaker in the school of my daughter to talk about Autism and how to support parents who have autistic children. I have mentioned this on my previous blog, The door of opportunity opened when I mentioned to the family support adviser during
I was surprised to see a congratulatory pop-up after signing in yesterday congratulating me on another accomplishment here, at Wealthy Affiliate.I received an upgraded Dedication Badge telling me that I already reached one year as a WA Premium Member. I did not even realize that it has already been a year since I joined WA. In my one year as a Premium member, I was able to:finish the Certification Coursegain almost 2,000 followerswrite 92 posts including this onecreate three tutorials.It has be
It is only two days left until the present year comes to an end. It is now time to reflect and look forward to the coming year! Let us think about what we have done this year and what we could have done to make it better. Whether it is for our family, our offline or online work, we need to rethink and to refocus on the things that we should do to make things smoother and easier for us and our family. It is time to list all the things that we need to change, whart we need to do and what we need
I want to share with you a Christmas gift from Amazon that could help you top up your learning about Affiliate Marketing.Amazon has it's own Education Centre which you could find in-depth Articles & Tutorials created by members of the Amazon Associates community or the Amazon team, and designed to give practical help through real-world experiences on how to get your website noticed above the surplus of other sites online and better monetize it. This is just to top up the courses that we al
December 17, 2016
As the Yuletide Season begins let us remind ourselves about the true meaning of Christmas...This Yuletide Season let us show our love to one another by: making peace to those who have hurt us. helping the needy and the homeless.sharing our precious time with family and friends.doing things that will give joy and happiness.Yuletide blessings to one and all,
Wow! It looks like the blessings are pouring on me this week because I got another achievement to celebrate with you all, my fellow WA' family!I just found out that my song entry under the Lyrics Only Category in the recent UK Songwriting Contest 2016 almost got me into the semi-finals.My song entry entitled, Stay was commended with a score of 6 out of 10. It almost got me into the semi-finals because a score of 6 is a borderline semi-finalist score. Explanation of the judges can be found on ht
Yay! I just found out that my latest post is on Page1 Position 1 in Google.I have been looking for ways on how to get my post straight to Page 1 Position 1 and now I got the whole picture. I simply simplified my keyword search. My topic is about How Drama boosted my son's social skills. Instead of using the keyword Drama alone which is a general word and have a lot of SEO compettion, I added the word Shakespearean to make it long-tail so my keywords are Shakespearean Drama.I then created a Meta
I am slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for I am seeing the earning potential that my website can make in the long run. Now that I know that my Site Trust is 100% and that I am now on Page 1 in Google, I need to ensure that this trend will stay for long for years to come. What I need to do now is to: Be consistent in creating good quality, helpful and engaging contents.Share contents to social media.Utilise ask the public and quora in making contents and searching for long- taile
This morning, I was surprised to see my Site Trust and Google Ranking climbed up! The last post that I did was on the 13th of November but still manage to get 100%. Perhaps my readers found my posts helpful and engaging which is the reason why I still managed to get 100%.My Site TrustWhen I searched my niche on Google by going on Incognito mode, I was also surprised to see that I was already on Page 1 Position 7 on Google. My hardwork, persistence and patience are now paying off. What I need to
Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in America. It is the day before Black Friday where families gather to celebrate the day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.Thanksgiving is celebrated world-wide in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Grenada, Liberia, Sta. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Norfolk Island, Japan and the Philippines. It is a day where most people go to church to give thanks for the day of harvest. It is also a day to commemorate labor an