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I have been listening to some inspirational talks from TED and I come across these two inspirational talks about not following your passion in finding work.We have a common notion that in order to be successful in life, we always have to follow our passion or the work we love but actually it's the other way around. We have to search for work that will eventually develop our passion for that particular work. Passion is a feeling that is subject to change so if we want to find the work we love, w
February 23, 2017
Hello, WA Family!I just want to surprise you with what I have been doing and the reason why I have not been active recently here, at WA. First, I want to tell you that I have been teaching and coaching my children in preparation for their academic assessments. The good news was my daughter's assessments went well and was praised by her teacher for the outstanding results of her English and Maths. She received a Headteacher's Award. My son, on the other hand, is preparing for his GCSE in Maths
I have come across these strategies on how to fight your fears of networking when attending an event or conference. I wanted to share with you. I think thiese are good strategies which I could apply when I attend the upcoming work conference this 22nd February. Mind tools listed the following strategies to fight your fears of networking:Be selective about the events that you attend.Research other attendees' backgrounds to get useful information.Set realistic, meaningful goals.Think about what
This is my 100th post! Another milestone of achievement here, at WA. Looking back, I could mot imagine myself posting almost regularly here since English is not my first language.At first, I find it difficult to make a blog post because I don't know what topic to talk about and what my blog will turn out to be. Will it be a good one that my readers can easily understand or will it be mediocre of words which are not easily comprehensible?What I did is to try and just do it and this is what my fi
Today I have revisited and updated my old posts. I was surprised to know that I have lots of mistakes especially when it comes to images not uploading, errors in grammar and formatting.I also found out that I could link some of my posts to my other posts based on the content that I made. By choosing a particular word that I could link internally, my readers could easily follow my other posts. This is good for SEO ranking. I have also placed some of my posts to my menu page so that my readers co
January 15, 2017
How time flies!Another year has ended and it's the start of another year which means that another year will be added to my chronological age, ha..ha!!!Yes! It's my birthday today. It's time to celebrate with me and have fun!Since my children will be at school and my husband will be at work, I will celebrate on my own for now and have some 'me" time before we all celebrate my birthday together at dinner time.All I wish for my birthday is for all my plans/goals to materialize this year. I need mo
Today marks my One year anniversary here at WA community!It has been a milestone of learning how to build a website, creating content for my blog posts and most of all enjoying the entire process of learning, teaching and engaging with the entire community who had become my online buddies. I have learned a lot within one year and have built a website that is now up and running and has achieved 100% Site Trust. Although I am still in the process of mastering and finding ways of monetizing my sit
January 11, 2017
To all my 2008 WA followers, I would like to make this short and simple by saying, You are all important to me and if ever I have not come back to you, please accept my apology. I am privileged to be followed by you and as my way of saying how grateful I am to be followed by you, I wish each and every one of you every success in all your business endeavors and may 2017 be your best year ever!!!Blessings,
Hurray! I'm back to top100. I am currently on rank 97 as my rank in my Profile is showing at the moment. Hope it will stay until tomorrow or much better if it goes a bit further up.I'm happy to see my rank goes up again because it only means that I am engaging more and becoming an active member within the WA community.Being active gives me the energy to learn more about the current updates on the pieces of training that we have within the WA community. This is good because I am learning more ab
I need to get back into the groove again!If you are like me and finding things a bit slow at the moment this is because you might be suffering from the post-festive mood disorder and is having difficulty putting your body clock into the working mode again.If you live in the Northern Hemisphere (U.S.A., Canada, Russia and all of the countries in Europe) this is similar to having a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter blues.Some of the signs and symptoms of SAD may include lack of energy,