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Please call me DELF. I am 65 years old but still very active. Gym three times a week and one hour walk at least three times a week. I dream for another 30 years, 20 years of which must be productive. WA will open more roads for me to reach that dream.

I just retired as a CEO of a small real estate company. I am learning just now that the word retirement, somehow, does not exist. One has to continue to work or may loss his right to live in this beautiful world. He must continue to be productive and share a little to others for what he may produce. Life in this world is not free. We pay a rental for the space we occupy in this wonderful planet by sharing whatever we have.

WA is sharing what it has. Although internet marketing seems foreign to me, WA is here to help. Some members during my 10 days free membership were of some help. The entire WA community is always ready to extend its helping hands specially to new members like me. The culture within the WA is terrific!

I am very optimistic, as always I have been, that I am hitting the right path. The future is bright for a beginner in online marketing like me. There will be a lot of work. And I am ready.
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Goldenlady Premium
Hi Delf,
How are things going for you?
deeprekha Premium
Thanks for follow. I am 62 and very much active.We are there to help you.
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Thanks for the follow!
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Welcome Delf! Thanks for following.
Delf Premium
Hi! This is Delf. 65 years old. Still strong and athletic. I presently own a gym and a water refilling business in the heart of Manila. Just retired very recently from small real estate company developing small subdivision housing and townhome projects.

The word "retired" above maybe a wrong choice of word. I still want to work and keep busy. I am a licensed real estate broker and I established my own realty company with the purpose of helping Filipinos abroad to find real estate investments in the Philippines in preparation for their "retirement". This is not narrowed only to Filipinos as I see more Americans and other nationalities live in the Philippines because of the higher buying power of the American dollar.

Not new in selling real estate directly in the local market, internet marketing is a foreign language to me. My introduction to Wealthy Affiliate University is God-given. I have a new path to follow and I know, I can be of help out there while earning a little for my services.