11 Months In - 700$ Month - The Boom ?!

Last Update: July 04, 2017

Hello everyone,

It will be a year since I joined in a month or something like that. My website has finally become a source of proper income and I am just getting started. I've read a few of your blogs and just everyone seems to be talking about the "Boom" when you just get that sudden increase of either traffic or sales. Well, that's what happened to me.

Here's my path in terms of sales for the past year:

As you can see the month of June absolutely went haywire. I've been getting about 90 organic traffic per day which resulted in about 1 sale per day and 26$ per sale on average. And as you can see, July is looking good as well.

I've also received about 250$ from other affiliate programs during the period of last 12 months.

Not only that this will be enough to pay for the next year of premium membership, it's also gonna pay for another year - All in one month. I also expect the sales to continue going and to increase as my traffic on the website increases.

I will be looking to improve my conversions and also take a deeper look into email marketing. I have 30 subscribers on my email list, but I still haven't really invested my time into it. I'll consider making a guide of some sorts that I can send to my new subscribers and that way increase my conversions.

What I am trying to say with this post is that maybe your "Boom" month is just around the corner. Just keep working hard and it will all pay off eventually.

How are you all doing? I would love to hear your thoughts and whether or not you reached your "Boom" month.

Have a good one,


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ColleenLVSJC Premium
Congrats on reaching $700/mo. I look forward to more updates on your continued success with the numbers climbing higher each month. :)
DejanWA Premium
Thank you! I'll keep you all updated for sure!
MKearns Premium
Great to reach your "boom" Dejan!
WaynePro Premium
Dejan, that's great progress, congratulations.

Ivine Premium
Hi Dejan, well done on your achievement. Irv.
DejanWA Premium
Josh From Oz Premium
That's a nice jump in income. The Boom moment :) Well done
DejanWA Premium
Thank you! It is indeed. Let's just hope it goes in the same direction from now on.