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I went ranking from arround 10.000 to now 350 and every day i am ranking 100 points higher. i am going to reach the top 200 in no time and i am going to be ambasador at the end of the month.This is something i didn't expect to happen. I didn't expect to work this hard. But there is this lion inside of me that woke up. And now i have a hart of a lion !!
One beautiful lady asked for help within WA and i wanted to answer the question but pretty fast i couldn't help to answer the question with a motivation-speech. I was hoping that she wouldn't get angry and she didn't became angry, thank god.I was very suprised about what i had written, so i wanted to share it with my WA-Family.Let me know what u think about the speech:---------------------It sounds like a professional letter. But now i am going to tell u something u maybe not want to hear:I und
This is the Office what i believe every Afiliatte Marketer Need, especially WA Members !!This is called: Next Level Multitasking.The reason why i think this is the best investment to make in your home-office is because we all are multitasking when watching video's within WA so we can learn.When u watch u want to makes notes, so when u have to switch all the time it get annoying. So why not buy a extra screen or ask people to donate their old screen. Nowadays the old screen are very cheap somewh
The migration process is one of the first things u learn in the WA-Training. Moving a website is one of the things that's integrated in the WA website. I found this when i decided to go through the training again.U don't need any plugin or do research for other ways to move your website or migrate your website, what is actually almost the same thing.Check out the training yourself. And delete all other plugins from your website.
hi the all in one wp migration trick doesn't work anymore by downloading the plugin from wordpress and editing at the plugin editor. I have tried many times !! U have to take way more (complicated) steps to do that.Are there people interested to know how ?Let me know if u have problems migrating as wel, so i can make a training.Your wa friend,Dahay
I have noticed something. Something i want to start doing it right now but nobody talks about it here at WAWhat if i were to tell u u can make money with little effort, if u have followed the WA-Course offcourse, and it is something that takes time in the beginning and afterwards u make money while sleeping.This is a skill u already posses so u don't need to learn anything new. What if i were to thell u that i am making steps doing that and i am eager to tell u to do the same.The next question
October 01, 2018
Wazzup WA Friends, i was gone for a couple of months to think about what i wanted to do with the knowledge i have from WA.I went on a holiday for 3 months to Africa. In Africa and when i came back to Holland there was something happening that i never expected.Now i am back, this time with 6 new clients that want me to build a website for there businesses.This happend by telling people i build websites for a living. I didn't need to advertise at all ?!Now i am so scarred because i never have bui
How ? (My Personal Opinion)We must be willing to change our thinking on a daily basis with everything we do.Thinking outside the box are only a few who do it in life and that's why only a few become successful in life at whatever they do.It's pretty hard to think outside the box because many will try to stop u to do that because it will look and sound strange.-----------------------------------------One of the story's that changed my life forever is this one:One's, a long long time ago
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March 01, 2018
Most important Questions in sales, trust, connection and take action:Questions:1 What make people trust you ?2 How to connect to people on a deeper level ?3 How to make people to take action ?Answer:Share your deepest pain in your niche. Something that is very personal and u would tell nobody. Make them feel your pain. This will allow a deeper connection and trust.Ones u have their trust and have a deep connection with your audience. Then there is continual value u have to give to your audience
This quote was one of my Life-changer:" Most people fail in Life not because they aim to high and miss, but because they aim to Low and hit - Les Brown - ". It's pretty funny to see that people are afraid to set high goals about converting people to WA. They aim for the bare minimum that is necessary. I was like that as well. Until i started to separate myself from the crowdIt's sad to know that people have fear to think and talk BIG. Unfortunately Others (friends/family/society) will make fun
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